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Everyone has memories of playing Monopoly, the classic fast-dealing game that simulates property trade in the real world. It’s named after the concept of monopoly, a single entity dominating the market. In the game, each player had the chance to be that entity by purchasing land, utilities, and railways.

In the classic board-game format, players would move around the board while trading or purchasing properties and developing their land with homes and hotels. Opponents who land on these properties then pay rent to the owners and each player seeks to drive the others into bankruptcy. Originating in the United States, the game is published by big game-makers, Parker Brothers. Now, IGT and Wagerworks bring to you an all-new Monopoly experience in the form of an online slot game like never before!

Online Monopoly’s Exciting New Format

Merging the old board-style game and newer, more popular online slot games, IGT’s Monopoly gives players the chance to win big with Mystery Bonuses and mini-slots within the game. When you land on properties in this version, you get five wild-reels and stand to win up to 12000x your original bet! With high bonus frequencies and interesting new features, IGT’s Monopoly will sweep you away.

With a 30 line slot machine, the chances of winning are higher than you can imagine. This is the first Monopoly-theme game  from IGT and it uses the classic design and images from the board-game that we all love. From game pieces to the iconic Monopoly man, this game gives you a new twist on an old, fun experience. There are even features that throw back to the board game, such as the Free Parking jackpot that increases your wins! Enjoy Monopoly like never before with IGT’s slot Monopoly experience.

Different Versions of the Monopoly Slot Game

IGT has taken the traditional family board game that people the world over still love to play, and has given it a whole new makeover. Their online slot games keep all the fun and spontaneity of the old game, but bring the modern twist of slots to the table. There are several versions of this game to choose from, so you can choose the one you like best, and have hours of exciting monopoly fun online.

Most Popular Monopoly Slot Machines / Bonuses

Monopoly Here and Now: IGT’s original slot game is a video-powered tribute to the much-loved American board game we all grew up with. Powered by IGT and WagerWorks, it has five playable reels and over 20 paylines. This slot-centered game still focuses on developing property, but adds to the excitement of slot games, making it perfect for those who love online slots.

If you get five Mr. Monopolys in a line, you could win the jackpot of 5000 coins. If you get three property deeds in a row on your payline, you can get the Monopoly Deeds Feature. There are also Free Parking Jackpots, Board Bonus Features, and plenty of other things to win and explore. But don’t end up in jail; you’ll only have three spins to try and get out. The GO square will allow you to get a free spin. Each spin is a surprise, and it’s sure to keep you on your toes.

Monopoly Pass GO Bonus: The second version of IGT’s online slot extravaganza features nine paylines and five reels. Closer to the original classic board, it includes property like Mayfair, Strand, and Piccadilly, and even has the purple 500 currency notes.

Once again, Mr. Monopoly is wild, but this time, getting 5 in a row of the gentleman wins you a jackpot of 25,000 coins. There’s also a brand new Instant Bonus to be won. If you get three of this symbol, you can peek into the Community Chest and get to choose from three prizes. These prizes are exciting multipliers that can multiply your prize after a bonus round. Another new feature is the Pass GO Bonus that triggers with three dice symbols in a row in the first reels. Click on any of the dice to show the number of free rolls you get.

Monopoly Multiplier: This game may have only three playable reels, but it offers 27 exciting paylines to choose from. This version of the game has that old-school monopoly charm. You stand a chance to win 250,000 coins with just one spin.

Matching any three symbols across the center of the reels triggers the Multiplier Bonus. With this, you can choose from eight of the beloved Monopoly playing pieces including the thimble, dog, top hat, iron, and boot. Choose any one of these and you get a random multiplier on your winnings for that spin. This multiplier can be as high as 25x. The gameplay seems more laidback, but winnings are big with this version of the game.

Monopoly On A Roll: Unlike traditional slots, this version of IGT’s game has no reels and paylines. Instead, you place wagers on where you feel your playing-piece will end up on the board. The board is the actual premise for this game, instead of the slots. The further on the board you get, the more of a payout you win.

Some of the new features in this game are color group betting, the Chance square, the Get Out of Jail Bonus, the GO Bonus, the Free Parking Bonus, and the Special 2x pays. Fast-paced and unique, this online experience of Monopoly will have you hooked.

MegaJackpots Monopoly: This game has 5 playable reels and 9 paylines. Based on the Pass GO Bonus slot game, this adds the feature of progressive jackpots. This gives you the chance to win a jackpot that comes from accumulated winnings from each round. With the winning combo, you can stand to win bigger than before. Right now, the progressive jackpot is at well over 3 million pounds.

This version of the game also has 2 fantastic new bonus rounds: the Chance Win Spin Bonus and the Lucky 7 Bonus. If you get the Chance Win Spin Bonus, but don’t win anything in 7 rounds, you trigger the Lucky 7 Bonus that multiplies your original wager by 10. This game still has the fun features like the Monopoly Pass GO Bonus, but with exciting new twists and turns to discover as you play.

Monopoly – You’re in the Money: The latest IGT contribution to the online Monopoly slots world is ‘You’re in the Money’. Like all of IGT’s Monopoly games, this is created alongside WagerWorks and offers a modern slots-based twist to the classic board game. It has 30 paylines and 5 reels, but adds 2 brand new bonus rounds to the mix.

Firstly, there’s the Mystery Wild bonus that activates randomly. When in play, this feature shows Mr. Monopoly himself selecting anywhere from one to five reels that then become wilds. With luck on your side, he’ll choose all five and you’ll find yourself in the money for sure.

The second new bonus is the Board Bonus. Improved from the previous infamous versions, it simulates the board game and gives you a chance to win the 12,000 times your wager value. It is triggered by hitting the board bonus symbols on your 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels. New features and surprising new possibilities are in store for you. With this mini-slot and board game combination, this newest version stands to offer one of the most engaging game plays of all time.

The Origin of the Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly’s roots go as far back as 1903, when an American woman, Elizabeth J Magie Phillips, designed the game so as to accurately explain the theory of single-tax outlined by Henry George. Its original intention was to demonstrate the dangers of concentrated land and private monopolies. It was originally entitled The Landlord’s Game and was published in 1906. Between then and the 1930’s, the original game went through numerous changes and transformations. By 1934, it became closer to the game that thousands of families play today.

Since 1935, Parker Brothers as well as Hasbro – their parent company, had been the main distributor of the game. Over the years, the game kept growing and changing. Sometime during the 1970’s, popular stories cropped up that the game was originally designed by an individual named Charles Darrow. Even the instruction booklet and strategy guides credited Darrow. Since its birth, the game has become popular in countries all over the world, including the United KingdomFranceGermany, parts of Africa such as Nigeria, and dozens of other countries. IGT’s online Monopoly is available in 31 currencies and 15 languages, making it almost as global as its original counterpart.

In 1994, Hasbro gave permission for a specific San Diego version of Monopoly, dubbed USAopoly, which has been followed up by hundreds more.

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