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The Mayans occupied large parts of south eastern Mexico and northern parts of Central America and were noted for many cultural developments, especially in the field of hieroglyphics, art, architecture and mathematics. The Maya civilization would mostly die out in the 16th century after the Spanish conquest, but they remain a big part of popular culture, never more so than when it was reported that Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012 (writing this many years later, I guess they got that one wrong). As such the Mayans have been the subject of a number of slots, the latest being this version by IGT.

This particular slot focuses on the people, the pyramids and the gold. The pyramid is the highest paying symbol and is stacked and is joined on the reels by a male and female Mayan, both resplendent in feathered head dresses. Two symbols reflect the ‘Mayan Riches’ title, a golden flask and a broach, both ornate and glittering. The backdrop to the reels features a forest, the red and blue sky suggesting the game is set at dusk. Graphically, the game looks a little dated, although this fits in with the theme somewhat. The accompanying sound to the slot is excellent, the somewhat mystical mood of the theme transporting you away to the ancient civilization.

Playing Mayan Riches

With five reels each four symbols high, this offers slightly different gameplay to the majority of casino games out there. Due to the expanded reels, you’ll find 40 win lines – this number being customizable however, with the opportunity of playing just 30, 20, 10, 5 or even just a single win line. Having chosen the line bet size you’ll be ready to hit spin!

Wins at this slot are achieved by landing three or more consecutive symbols in a row from left to right on a win line. The pyramid symbols pays 1,000 coins when landing five in a row, while the two Mayan people each pay 400 coins. The two golden symbols both pay 250 coins for a full house, with the playing cards being the lowest paying of the game.

The auto spin option is a handy one where you can set the game to play automatically for 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 spins. This will only be interrupted by landing the feature or if you stop the auto play yourself.

As well as being the highest paying symbol, the pyramid doubles up as the wild symbol. This means that it will substitute for any other symbol to give additional wins. The only symbol it won’t substitute for is the bonus scatter symbol. With the pyramid symbol being stacked, you’ll gain many extra wins, especially when it appears on more than one reel, giving some potentially huge win amounts as multiple lines pay out.

The bonus symbol appropriately has the word ‘bonus’ splashed across it, the background showing an ornate frame with a deep purple centre. This symbol only appears on the middle three reels and should you see it on each, you’ll enter the free spins round.

Bonus Game for Mayan Riches

Having activated the feature you’ll gain five free spins. The look of the slot changes completely at this point, the reels suddenly having a black backing colour as opposed to the cream of the standard game. This gives the slot a much more dynamic feel which is matched by the accompanying sound at the feature. During the free spins you’ll find a greater number of wilds than usual, which makes up for the slightly lower than usual number of free spins you have at this game. The bonus round can be re-triggered by landing the bonus symbol again – in fact you could have as many as 255 free spins if it is continually re-triggered.

Mayan Riches Conclusion

Any slots with stacked wilds offer an extra level of excitement as you know that a big win is only ever just a spin away, but sadly this is the only thing this slot by IGT really has going for it. Aside from this, there are no features outside of the reels, no Jackpot amount to be won and no variety. Because of this, not only is this not the best slot you’ll find online, but it’s not even the best Mayan based slot you’ll find. There will be some fans who like this real money gamethough, the stacked wilds and the accompanying sound being the highlights.

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