Little Green Men Slots

Many years ago, IGT and AC Coin and Slots entered into a partnership to deliver a fantastic little slots game by the name of Little Green Men. Unique in every right, the game is themed around little green men who are aliens and how they invade the earth. The slot machine received widespread acclaim owing to its distinctive theme, and is one of the favourites for slot players around the world. Players who are interested in books, sci-fi movies and television shows will find the Little Green Men slots machine highly interesting and entertaining thanks to the manner in which the game has been designed.

The slot machine comes with five reels and 20 paylines. Most of the features present in the game are somewhat similar to those present in other slot machines developed by IGT. There is a vast array of coin denominations to choose from, making the game an ideal pastime option for both high rollers as well as players with a limited budget. Moreover, the presence of an EZ pay option allows players to have all the fun in the world even with a low budget. Players who wish to bet large amounts in the hopes of bagging big wins will particularly enjoy the Little Green Men slots machine as they can do just that in this game. If you’re looking to become eligible for the highest paying jackpot, you will have to wager five coins on every single payline.

The Main Character

The primary character in this wonderful slots game is Purple Flash. He is an entertaining element that players just can’t get enough of. When he appears on your screen, he starts shooting lasers at the several different symbols on the screen. Each icon that he hits converts into a wild symbol. If you get lucky and spot three of the same icons on the screen, you have an opportunity to win extra coins.

Little Green Men Bonus Features

Slots players hit the casinos to play their favourite slots game for many reasons, but the main one is to make the most of the bonus features offered by the machine. The bonus features created by IGT have been intriguing, to say the least, thus bringing players back to the casino time and again. The interactive nature of the bonus round in Little Green Men ensures that there is a considerable enhancement in the overall gaming experience. Despite being so interesting, the bonus feature is fairly simple and players seldom encounter confusion. When the bonus game begins, two flying saucers can be seen emerging from either side of your screen. One of the them contains bonus coins. Your aim must be to shoot the correct one in an effort to claim the additional coins. However, if you shoot the wrong one, you will be returned to the base game.

Great Success for Little Green Men

Little Green Men is a fine slot machine created by IGT. It has surprised several people within the gambling industry as it is filled with colourful animations and catchy sounds. It is also very simple with a user-friendly interface. The level of success enjoyed by Little Green Men was so high that IGT was encouraged to come up with another game very similar to it. Little Green Men Junior is another fun version of the game so that fans can have some more enjoyment. The game is similar to its predecessor, but has a few additions to make up for the shortcomings of the original version. Some of the features have been updated and players can now count on a completely hassle-free fun experience.

Although the colours, high quality of graphics and animations and the wonderful sound effects make for a wonderful time at the casino, this slot machine has attracted a large number of players mainly because of its bonus game and large jackpots that provide players with an opportunity to bag big winnings. The possibility of winning cash prizes when treating themselves to a fun time appeals to many players. If you’re interested in science fiction, you are definitely going to be fascinated by the creativity of the developers at IGT thanks to Little Green Men.

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