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Developers of slot machines have been turning to popular films and television shows in efforts to revive the gambling industry. Considering the number of fans and players they attract, there is good reason to continue with their plan. Although slots are said to have originated a long time ago in Europe, casino games today are at a highly advanced level, and most games are created in the United States, with large corporations employing the best developers thriving at the moment. If you have been playing slots for a while and would like something new to indulge in, IGT’s Judge Judy is a fine game that is sure to deliver an entertaining time at the casino.

Judge Judy is among the most widely accepted and loved slot machines created by IGT. There was a great deal of expectation surrounding the game prior to its release in 2012, but fans believe that the manufacturer has delivered a great game that not only attracts them, but the average slots player too. It is very simple to understand and IGT has ensured that players do not get confused in the least, by creating a unique and attractive design. Judge Judy is a dual-player game, offering 720 different ways through which winnings can be made. The video reel keeps changing much to the excitement of players, while the host of rewards and bonuses on offer are sure to keep you hanging by the slot machine for as long as you possibly can.

There is an air of reality attached to the Judge Judy slots game. Players find it fascinating that they are allowed into a courtroom so as to present their case and argue against their opposition while the gifted Judge Judy hears them out. You can also choose any party you like to support. Multiplier bonuses are an interesting feature of the game. The higher you bet, the bigger the multipliers you will receive. Multipliers in Judge Judy slots can significantly enhance your winnings.

Bonus Features in Judge Judy

Bonus features are crucial towards determining the success of a slot machine, and IGT has made sure that it delivers attractive features in the Judge Judy slots as well. The bonus round called ‘You Make The Call’ takes you through a case by displaying a video clip on the screen. You are required to review it before making a guess as to whether Judge Judy is going to rule in favor of the defendant or the complainant. Multiplier bonuses will be awarded for each correct guess.

Another bonus feature – ‘Plead Your Case’ offers you with two options – whether you want to help the defendant or the complainant to fight the case. The final bonus feature in Judge Judy slots is Rules. It enables you to choose from a selection of 25 files. Depending upon your selections, you will get credits and multipliers. Four similar symbols will present you with bonus credits.

The most interesting bit about Judge Judy slots is that you get to choose your case and fight it to win awards. The game becomes challenging as you fight the case with the Judge. Should you be supported by Judge Judy, interesting rewards can be claimed. Free spins form part of the rewards on offer, giving you a better chance of winning big. If you’re a fan of the popular TV show that goes by the same name, you are bound to love the Judge Judy slots game

Judge Judy – the Television Series

Judge Judy is among the television shows that revolutionized reality shows based on courts. It was first aired in September 1996 in the United States. A retired judge who previously presided over family issues, Judge Judith Sheindlin, is the main character, being the judge who presides over the TV show.

Real life problems are adjudicated by the judge within a court-room model. Each episode of Judge Judy starts with a preview which takes the audience through the core premise of the case, presenting vivid and shocking moments through quality graphics and highly intense drama. An intro or a theme follows to make the show more interesting. Jerry Bishop, the voice-over artist presents information regarding the complainant and the defendant and the reasons as to why the case was brought to the court. Judge Judy questions both parties regarding dates, times, location and other important details connected to the case. She replies very quickly and does not encourage lengthy responses. Both parties are made to sign an agreement prior to the show’s commencement, confirming that they are ready to seek arbitration from Judge Judy.

The show has enjoyed much success across the United States and has been nominated for the Emmys 14 years in succession. It is one of the best rated shows ever, and Judith Sheindlin was honored by indictment into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame owing to the entertainment provided to audiences worldwide.

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