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One of the most entertaining games shows in the US – Jeopardy – can now be enjoyed by fans and slots players at a local casino as well as online. This five reels, nine payline slot game provides you with a fine opportunity to relive the thrills and drama of the game show, In addition, some exciting cash prizes are also up for grabs. If you’re a fan of the show who has watched it on television and believed that you could perform much better than the contestants out there, you have a chance to figure that out from the comfort of your home thanks to this wonderful online slots game.

The core game bears a striking resemblance to the real game show, offering much excitement for fans. During the Final Jeopardy bonus game, your cunning must be used to your benefit as you seek to choose the contestant who has the correct answer to a common Jeopardy question.

High Excitement Levels

Jeopardy is a slot game filled with high levels of excitement synonymous with the renowned TV show which goes by the same name. Authentic designs and stunning sound effects make it one of the best online games for casino lovers. It’s almost as if you’re playing the game in a casino, in front of an audience. The design of the game is something really specials as it has been created to appeal not only to fans of the game show, but also to slots players worldwide.

Symbols Used

The authenticity of the Jeopardy slots game is clear when it comes to the symbols used. The icons in the game are mere quiz categories that fans of the show will find that they are familiar with. They include Music, Science, Sports and Movies. Moreover, several icons in the game play a role in bringing together traditional fruit machines and Jeopardy. Bar icons are also incorporated into the game while the style in designing the sevens is innovative, to say the least.

Cash Prizes to Be Won

The cash prizes on offer in the Jeopardy slots game are generous as the game tries to rival the TV show. Five symbols of the franchise’s logo on an active payline can see you win almost 25,000 credits. The presence of a wild icon means that your winnings will be multiplied by 2X should you get it on your reels.

Bonus Features

The bonus feature in Jeopardy slots allows you to choose squares from the traditional Jeopardy video display. With each selection, you can win a certain cash prize. There are times when your payouts can be doubled depending on the video display. The most entertaining feature in this slot game has got to be the bonus round called Final Jeopardy. You can activate this feature by selecting the Final Jeopardy square.

The Final Jeopardy Bonus

Players are taken through the studio floor as they look to seek knowledge and win payouts. Your winnings from the core game can be wagered on a classic Jeopardy question if you wish to win more exciting prizes. You can either bet your entire bonus payout or a small proportion of your winnings on this feature. Here, you will have to choose one contestant from a selection of three. If the contestant answers the Jeopardy question, you can win huge payouts.

Some of the questions that may be asked during the Final Jeopardy bonus feature include the nickname of Edward Teach – popular Caribbean pirate, the African river whose sources were discovered by John Hanning Speke and Sir Richard Burton in the 1850s, the country whose medieval resistance towards the rule over England was focused on in the movie Braveheart, and so on.

Jeopardy! – The Game Show

Jeopardy! – a creation of Merv Griffin was aired on TV for more than 10 years in the 60s and 70s. It remains one of the United States’ most famous game shows as it was designed brilliantly to emulate a nerve-racking quiz show. There were many rounds that took players through several different questions before they could be rewarded for their knowledge. The game show has been used as a point of reference in several movies, books and television shows across the world.

With more than 10 seasons of onscreen success, Jeopardy! was one of the most mashed-up shows as students began creating their own versions of the game. In schools and colleges, teachers usually play the role of a game show host while their students are the contestants in any interactive classroom environment. Jeopardy has had a major influence on game shows across the planet, so much so that IGT decided to bring it back for fans in a slots format.

The show has received 30 Emmys and a host of other coveted honors. It was ranked second on Game Show Network’s 50 best game shows of all time, and number one on TV Guide’s list of the 60 best game shows in history.

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