Indiana Jones Slot Machines

Fans of the Indiana Jones feature films can now get more of their favourite movie character thanks to the slot machines designed and developed by International Game Technology. The slots machine manufacturer has created games to offer players with more of the action and excitement synonymous with Indiana Jones. No matter what your favourite movie may be, you are in for a treat as there is a bit of everything in this fine slot game – The Last CrusadeThe Temple of Doom, or The Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Players can now become part of Indiana Jones adventures as he unravels the theme of all his movies on the slot machine. IGT had created this wonderful slot machine as a tribute to Indiana Jones – an iconic character that has inspired millions of individuals across the world and is a symbol of bravery and adventure. With the large number of enthusiastic and ardent fans across the world, the Indiana Jones slots machine has quickly emerged as one of the casino favourites.

Variety of Features Including Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

The Indiana Jones slots machine features different games, enabling you to pick your favourite movie and relive it at the casino. Players can expect a great experience thanks to IGTs use of the latest Video Platform which delivers excellent visual effects. In addition to the various exciting footages from the Indiana Jones movies, the ever-inspiring and encouraging audio effects has helped in making this slot machine a major hit amongst slot players. The game is well received not only by fans of the movies, but also by casual casino slots players who like to find new and fun games that will show them a good time. The game also offers you with an opportunity to claim additional free spins, thus enabling you to enhance your winnings whilst having a great time at the casino.

The Well of Souls

Indiana Jones’ Well of Souls is among the latest and most popular slots games developed under the franchise. It is a multi-way slot machine, and an increasing number of casino goers and slots players can’t seem to get enough of it. The presence of a multi-way feature allows you to choose the specific spot on which you would like to make a wager. The slot machine comes with five reels, 20 paylines and can be won using 243 unique combinations as you look to increase your hopes of claiming the progressive jackpot. The maximum coin bet you can place on this slot game is 100, while the highest money bet you can place is $5. The minimum cash bet is as low as one cent, making it a game well worth your money especially if you’re a rookie who is just looking for a good time at the casino.

There are many bonus rounds in this slot machine, and each one is filled with high levels of excitement which is brought to life by the beloved Indy himself. The movies’ soundtrack keeps playing in the background as you have a go at the slots machine, while the video clips emerge on screen from time to time at the beginning of each bonus round, giving you a glimpse of some of the most memorable moments from the feature films. Stacked Wilds are among the most interesting aspects of this game. Your aim is to collect three of the same symbols on your reels, and if successful, you will be rewarded with free spins. Additional coins can also be claimed by using the free spins because they come with multipliers of up to 99X.

The consecutive bonus gameplay feature is yet another attractive one incorporated into Indiana Jones slots. The excitement levels of players are constantly on the rise as the winnings increase as you play each game. Moreover, few slot machines offer what the Indiana Jones slot machines have to offer – guaranteed prizes! That’s right, everyone is a winner when they have a go at the Indiana Jones slots machine regardless of whether or not they win the progressive jackpot. This slot machine has plenty in store for all kinds of slots players. If huge bonus rounds aren’t your thing, you can always catch some of the fascinating clips that made the Indiana Jones movies such great hits. The huge progressive jackpot on offer is certain to catch your eye, and with $3 million as the maximum overall prize, this slot game is one of the most addictive and popular ones among frequent casino visitors.

About Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones, or “Indy” as he is amicably nicknamed, is the primary character of the franchise Indiana Jones. The character was created by George Lucas as a tribute to the 1930s action heroes. There are five movies released under the franchise and each has enjoyed remarkable success at the box office. Apart from the television programs and the films, Indiana Jones has also made appearances in video games, comics, novels, and a host of other media.

Harrison Ford brings to life the iconic figure in all the Indiana Jones movies. George Hall, Sean Patrick Flanery and Corey Carrier have all featured in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles – the television series. Especially notable aspects of Indiana Jones include his leather jacket, bullwhip and fedora, which present to him his legendary look, his sense of humour, his fear of snakes, and his far-fetched understanding and knowledge involving olden languages and cultures. Ever since the character’s first appearance on the big screen, Indiana Jones has come a long way and become a global star and hero. He is among one of the most loved and revered movie characters in history. He is regarded as the second best movie hero in history by the AFI (American Film Institute). The character is known for his bravery and courage, and is looked upon as an icon by people across the world.

The Welsh-American character has entertained fans and movie buffs for years, and the hullabaloo surrounding the release of each Indiana Jones sequel has truly been a sight to savour.

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