Super Times Pay Slots

Super Times Pay: Hot Roll Slots is a 3-reel, 20-payline slot machine from International Game Technology. This video slots game was released by IGT Interactive, the online subsidiary of IGT, in February 2016. The Super Times Pay slot machine uses a 3×3 grid to present a classic slots feel, while offering big payouts.

The pay table on this game is a little confusing, because of all the different multipliers. Reviewers often write that 2000x is the top fixed jackpot, but it’s really 5000x coin. I’ll explain later. The key facet of the Super Times pay slot game is its multipliers, including several types of multiplier. Players receive the ability to trigger 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x multipliers.

Wild Multipliers

The 2x multipliers appear on reels 1 and 3. The 3x, 4x, and 5x multipliers appear on reel 2. When these multipliers line up, they unlock huge payouts. There is some confusion about these, so let me spell them out.

5000-Coin Fixed Jackpot

On the main pay table, players who get one 4x multiplier and two 2x multipliers (2x + 4x + 2x) receive 2000x the initial bet. Writers often describe this as the top jackpot, but off to the side, IGT notes that one 5x multiplier and two 4x multipliers (2x + 5x + 2x) pay out 5000x the initial bet. This transforms the game into a flat-top slot machine with a massive payout.

200-Coin Top Wager

Players can make a 1-line, 5-line, 9-line, 15-line, and 20-line bet. Coin denominations range from $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $20, $25, $30, and $50. The minimum bet on the game is therefore $1.00, while the maximum bet is $1000. High rollers who make a $1000 bet stand to gain 5000x the wager on the jackpot amount, for a $5,000,000 payout. While this isn’t a progressive slot machine, it offers huge winnings to high stakes players.

Most gamblers won’t be able to make top wagers, but they can receive commensurate payouts. The top wager to unlock the 5x payout is $20. Once again, this might be too much for penny players, but it unlocks a $100,000 jackpot when you do make the max bet. Mid-stakes gamblers and whales should love this game.

Super Times Pay Jackpots

Lesser payouts are still huge on this version of Hot Roll Slots. If you receive a 2x + 3x + 2x combination, the payout is 1500x the original bet. If you receive a 2x + 2x + 2x winning combination, then the payout is 1000x the original bet. Any of these are going to be huge payouts for most gamblers.

Super Scatter Symbols

The “Super” symbols on Super Times Pay slots machine acts as scatter symbols. These appear on bar symbols and 7 symbols on the game. When three of these appear at the same time, it triggers a free game bonus of 10 free spins.

Hot Roll Bonus

While they are not discussed that often, even some of the bonus games on this slot machine are inventive. When the Hot Roll Bonus activates, the player is given 2 dice. The players get to keep rolling the dice until a 7 appears. As long as you keep rolling, the payouts from the dice accumulate.

If you receive a 2 or a 12 on a roll, this unlocks 10x coins. Rolling a 3 or an 11 unlocks 6x coins. If you receive a 4 or a 10, this unlocks a 4x coin bonus. If you receive a 5 or a 9, this unlocks a 3x coin bonus. Rolling a 6 or an 8 unlocks a 2x coin bonus. When you roll a 7 on the first roll, you receive a 7x coin bonus and the bonus game ends. If you roll a 7 after the first roll, the game ends and no more bonuses are collected.

No-Download Version

IGT Interactive has designed an instant play, no-download version of Super Times Pay Hot Roll. Online casino players do not have to download the casino software. Instead, they can click on the Flash casino link and play in the web browser. For players who travel a lot or play in public, this is a more secure way to wager, without a desktop icon on your device. For Apple and Linux computer owners, it’s also the best way to play.

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