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The Grand Monarch is the best known American butterfly. This distinctive orange and black insect is big (up to 10cm across) and is famous for flying thousands of miles each year in a return  journey to Mexico in the fall, then back again in the spring. IGT has created a 5 reel video slot game based on the Grand Monarch. This started out as a live casino slot, and is now also available to play online. Grand Monarch combines the smooth game play IGT built its name on with a soaring classical soundtrack and colorful graphics.

You’ll want to see as many of the Grand Monarch butterflies as possible on the reels when you play. These are wild, which means they substitute for all of the other symbols. They are also stacked, which means you can get 2, 3 or even 4 on a single reel. When this happens you will often find many of the 50 win-lines paying out simultaneously. This slot also has a free spins bonus game.


How to Win on IGT’s Slots Machine Grand Monarch

Like all IGT slots, the wins are triggered by lining up 3 or more symbols from the left hand side on any of the 50 win-lines. The individual wins are not too big, with 1000 times your line bet the top prize for any one line. What you need to keep in mind is that the  stacked wild symbols mean that you will often trigger more than one winning line at the same time. If you are lucky enough to get the stacked wild Grand Monarch symbols covering all 4 rows on each of the 5 reels, then you will trigger 50 wins of 1000 coins at the same time – for a huge 50,000 coin windfall.

After the top paying Grand Monarch symbol, the next best is the pink lily – this is worth 500 times you line bet for 5, 100 for 4 and 25 for 3 on a winning line. What may be an orchid comes next; this is also worth 500 for 5 on a line. After that the sunflower and daisies are worth 250 for 5. There are also playing card symbols – the letters A, K, Q and J plus 10 and 9 – these make up a lot of the smaller wins that keep your bankroll ticking over nicely while you wait for some butterflies to land!

There is one special symbol, a striped green caterpillar. This only appears on reels 3, 4 and 5. When you hit all 3 you will get a prize of double your current bet. You will also get 5 free spins at the same size bet as the triggering spin – no multiplier is attached to these free spins, though they can be retriggered if you hit 3 more caterpillars.

How the Grand Monarch Slot Works

This game uses the standard 5 reels, each with 4 rows of symbols setup which a lot of the best IGT slots employ. Also in common with other IGT games, the number of win-lines is fixed at 50, and not adjustable like you will find on games from other slot makers. What you can do is choose your line bet amount from a wide range. The smallest bet is 1c per line, or 50c per spin – the maximum will depend on your casino, $500 spins are possible online.

If you do not want to click the spin button yourself every time, then there is an auto-play feature available. This lets you choose from predetermined spins, from 10 through to 50. When you get a win during the auto-play, the game can be a little slow in cycling through them. My tip here is to press the ‘spin’ button – this does not disrupt the auto-play, though will bank your win and let you continue playing.

I recommend you take a quick peek at the pay table. The graphics on the main game are colorful and nicely drawn, though the plain beige of the background of the reels dominates the view. By contrast, the pay table is set against a forest background – which is very well drawn and even a little mystical.

Overall Experience

This is at the more straightforward end of the spectrum of video slots. I would recommend it for relaxing with – rather than for an immersive entertainment experience. The graphics and swelling classical music give a luxury feel to the game – while the stacked wild symbols do add some interest. This is the type of game where you’ll be relaxing and seeing lots of small wins come in, then suddenly have a lot of butterflies on several reels and trigger 20 win-lines at once! This is a solid and beautifully designed IGT slot – make sure you check it out for yourself soon!

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