Golden Jungle Slot From IGT

Mystery dominates the Asian jungle, hiding rare species and untold wealth within densly packed trees and heavy foliage. However, not all that glitters is gold. Within the deepest depths lies danger, from poisonous plants to deadly beasts.

Despite the looming threats, there’s a lot to gain from the jungle. If you’re willing to go up against jaguars and lions for the chance at amazing riches, Golden Jungle is the game for you. Produced by IGT, this video slot is the perfect way to put your bravery to the test while exploring the jewels hiding just out of sight. With availability on desktop and mobile devices alike, Golden Jungle can be played for free or for pay, no matter what you have in mind. Are you ready to experience what the jungle has in store?

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  • Playing Golden Jungle

    If you can handle the strength and power of the jungle, Golden Jungle is ready and waiting.

    Much like the real jungles of the Indian subcontinent, Golden Jungle is set on a tropical background, featuring lush palm trees, twisted roots, and the carved walls of an ancient temple. The soundtrack is dramatic and mysterious, tempting you with the secrets of the jungle as the reels go spinning by. If you win, the music rises to its peak, cresting as your jackpot racks up.

    In many ways, Golden Jungle is a fairly straightforward slot. With five reels and four rows, gamblers can take advantage of 50 paylines with plenty of surprises in store. The characters across the reels are reminiscent of the riches hiding within, including green and purple jewels, knives in scabbards, ornate boxes, and gem-covered elephants. Hit enough in a row, and the wild world will come alive with untold wealth.

    Like most video slots, players have the opportunity to adjust bet amounts as they see fit. In Golden Jungle, you can alter bets per line, ranging from $0.01 to $10.00 for overall bet amounts between $0.50 and $500.00. However, paylines are fixed, providing 50 per spin with no opportunity for flexibility. Adjustments can be made at any point during normal game play, giving you an easy way to manage volatility.

    The Spin button gets the game rolling, spinning the reels in hopes of capturing the jewels of the jungle. Wins start at three of a kind, with each bejeweled symbol adding multipliers between 3x and 400x, with turbans and golden elephants bringing in the most potential.

    If you’re looking for the biggest possible wins, the Wild tiger is the best of the best. Wilds replace all symbols on the board, including the Scatter. If you happen to score five across a payline, you’ll be gifted with an awesome 2,000x. However, your best chances to win won’t come across randomly. Instead, you’ll need to active each reel for the chance at a super stacked Wild.

    The Scatter symbol rivals the Wild for its prowess. Taking the form of the iconic arch, you’ll love what this limited character can do when you line up three or more!

    Find the Power of the Jungle

    Bonuses are at the crux of video slots, and Golden Jungle goes above and beyond, offering unique benefits not often seen in regular game play.

    Wild Stays are among the best ways to harness the power of Wilds, offering a fast, easy way to hit those paylines. Above each reel lies an indicator meter; with each golden god icon that appears, you’re one step closer to a whole reel of Wilds. After four, you spin a guaranteed stacked Wild, maximizing potential no matter what you land on.

    Scatters matter in Golden Jungle, providing the perfect way to attract the riches of the wild. If you land three or more golden arches, Free Spin Mode is just a click away. The number of archways dictates your spins, and with a maximum of 75, this isn’t a bonus you want to miss. Each spin gives you an amazing opportunity to build on your earnings, and with stacked Wilds throughout, you’ll have a better chance than ever before.

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    The Bottom Line

    With a compelling theme and the chance to truly score big, Golden Jungle has a lot going for it. There are two bonus features, taking into account both Wilds and Scatters for a great chance to win. This goes above and beyond standard video slots, making big wins far easier than the competition. The Wild Stays bonus is particularly unique and the 75 free spins are among the best in the industry. However, standard game play is average at best, with multipliers topping out at 400x.

    Whether you’re a fan of jewels or simply love the mysteries of the jungle, Golden Jungle has plenty of upsides. While bets may be too high for beginners with a low risk tolerance, overall, celebrating the power of the tiger has never been easier – or more profitable!