The Frog Prince Slots Machine

You may or may not believe in fairy tales, but you certainly would have heard, or read about the Frog Prince and his curse. Well, the Frog Prince is back again.  This time it is not to break the curse or to win the heart of the princess, but to reward you richly through the themed slot machine called The Frog Prince. The game is made available through IGT’s slot cabinets with EZ Play multi-denomination touch pad and enhanced stereo sound. The game is presently available only at land-based casinos and not online or mobile platforms.

The Frog Prince is a 5-reel slot with 15 paylines and a max bet of 75 coins. The slot is multi-dimensional and the betting range is between $0.01 and $100, which makes it an excellent choice for both penny slot machine players and high rollers. The game is colorful and features the frog prince, fruits like oranges, strawberries, and melons etc as the symbols on the reels. The frog’s eyes, the night sky with the sun and the moon, a magic book and a wand that trigger the bonus features are among the other symbols in the game.

The graphics on screen are very entertaining but not overdone. The background score is also simple without being jarring to the ear. The touch screen LCD display of the slot machine and the backlit reels, combined with the bonus features that pay well, make the gaming experience exciting.

How to Play IGT’s The Frog Prince

Real money version of the Frog Prince slot can be played at land-based casinos across the world, in countries where IGT offers its slots products. The theme of the slot, along with the extensive betting options and easy-to-use interface of the slot machine, has made it a hit among casino goers everywhere.

To play the slots, just select the number of line you wish to bet on, the coins per line and hit on spin. The slot machine has an autoplay option for the players’ convenience.

Bonus Rounds on the Frog Prince Slot Machines

The Frog Prince slot has two interesting bonus rounds – the Magic Wish bonus and Kiss the Frog bonus. The Magic Wish bonus is a pick bonus feature, which is triggered when you get a combination of five Magic Wish and Frog Prince symbols on the reels. In this bonus, players have to select a magical wish book to know the number of free spins they have won and a magic wand to know the multiplier value. During the free spins, the amount from the winning paylines, except the top paying line, is increased according to the multiplier revealed by the magic wand. The max free spins are 6 and the max multiplier is 5.

The Kiss the Frog bonus feature is triggered when you get three frog prince (crowned frog) symbols on the reels. The symbols can land anywhere on the middle reels (2, 3 and 4), to trigger the bonus. In the bonus round, the player has to touch one of the frogs’ lips (as if kissing) to know the value of the multiplier he or she has won. In all, the bonus rounds of the Frog Prince slot certainly improve the player’s chances of winning, and winning more.

The Frog Prince Story

Known to be the first fairy tale in the collection of stories written by the Brothers Grimm, the Frog Prince is also known as the Iron Henry, or Der Froschkönig oder der eiserne Heinrich in German. The story revolves around a prince who is cursed to become a frog, and to regain human form when kissed by a princess. In the original version of the story, a princess accidentally drops a gold ball into the pond and is forced to make friends with an ugly frog, in order to retrieve her favorite toy. The frog then turns into a handsome prince when she throws it against the wall, in disgust.

The story is slightly modified in the modern versions, where in the frog turns into a prince only when the princess willingly kisses him with love. In some other older versions, the frog only has to spend a night on the princess’ pillow, to turn into a handsome prince who eventually marries her.

Regardless of what the storyline is, the idea that an ugly frog can magically turn into a handsome prince has enthralled people for long, and made the tale as popular as it is.

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