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The Family Guy slot game is based on the Seth MacFarlane television series that goes by the same name. IGT developed the game and released it late in 2012. The game was an instant hit because of the versatile game dynamics along with the much awaited Family Guy theme.

Thousands of slot players worldwide play the game because of the entertaining experience it provides. The bonus rounds and free spins do a wonderful job of integrating humorous clips of the show into the game. The slot game is a progressive type. This is attractive to all kinds of players because it means that there are chances to earn huge returns on any sized wager.

Denominations, Payouts and How to Play the Game

Family Guy mobile slot machines work on a 3×5 reel interface. The game has a progressive jackpot, and no bonus rounds, characters from the show come on screen giving you one of six different progressive jackpots. This means that you can win anything between 100 – 100,000 credit points on your spins.  These high payouts attract a number of players. The enjoyable theme only enhances the experience of the game.

Another great feature is that the game gives you credit bonus at regular intervals. Numerous rewards are only complimented by the fact that you can play this game as penny-slots too, meaning that your earnings are disproportionate thanks to the progressive nature of the machine. The characters of the show appear in the symbols on the reels. They also make multiple appearances during bonus rounds, making the features more interesting.

Bonus Rounds and Fun Features

Family Guy slots online have three distinctive bonus features, ensuring that players have great chances to win big.

Each bonus round features one of the prominent characters in Family Guy.

Peter’s Bonus Round – The bonus feature based on Peter sees him in a fight with the Giant Chicken. Players have to battle Peter’s greatest enemy from the show to get themselves multipliers or great bonuses and increase their earnings. The feature is triggered when you land enough Giant Chicken symbols on the required reels. Once it starts, you will have a face-off with the chicken in three rounds, winning which, you get your additional credits and multipliers.

Lois Bonus Round – The round revolving around Lois’ character brings out the feminine side in her. Her occasionally bouts of sexiness create a familiarity among fans of the show. On the down-side, you have to face Peter Griffin in bed while he is not wearing much. The feature is activated by landing the Wild symbol of Peter (naked) in any of the reels. Help Peter woo Lois into bed to get free spins!

Random Bonus Feature – The third bonus feature actually consists of six distinctive games that are generated at random. The World, as the round is called, gives light to little Stewie’s devious intentions, by getting you to help him select a part of the world to annihilate. The round sees Stewie pick up a handy laser gun and zap away at unfortunate portions of the world.

Game Dynamics in IGT Slot Machines

IGT has done a fabulous job of incorporating the much-loved adult animated sitcom in a slot machine. The game interface is extremely user-friendly and provides not only for an enjoyable experience, but a chance for massive pay-offs. Allowing a penny-for-credit system shows that the game creators had player winnings in mind when they created the multiple progressive slot game. The theme is simply a bonus, making the game desirable to people worldwide.

Compatibility with iOS, Android and other Mobile Devices

As of now, an online version of the game has not been created. Hopefully, IGT will make the game accessible on Internet platforms compatible with iOS and Android so that players can enjoy the game worldwide, at their own convenience. For now though, players can have a shot at the game at most land-based casinos.

About: Family Guy Televesion Series

Family Guy is a very popular American television show, made by Seth MacFarlane. Though the series is animated, it is filled with adult and off-color humor. Fox had stopped the production of the show for a while, but the million viewers and nearly 50 million social media following forced the show to continue airing. IGT’s slot machine has now immortalized the game, and done a good job to put in the most humorous parts of the show.

Family Guy is based on the Griffin family, consisting of Peter, Lois, Stewie, and their intellectual dog, Brian. The show is an adaptation of the Life of Larry and its sequel Larry and Steve, also created by Seth MacFarlane. Larry and Steve is a comedy revolving around the life of a middle-aged man and his human-like dog. The great reception of the show caused MacFarlane to produce Family Guy, and it did so great it showed right after the Super Bowl!

A lot of inspiration comes from related shows of similar genres like ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Simpsons’. MacFarlane has dedicated a lot to the show, and is both the executive director, as well as a creative consultant. He does the voices of a number of characters including main characters like Peter and Stewie. Now the show has become so big that he has had the time to create off-shoots like American Dad and the Cleveland Show. These sitcoms are also adult animated series packed with humorous moments.

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