Free Elvis Multi-Strike Slots

Elvis Presley had distinct phases of his career leading up to the famous Vegas years. This unusual slot from IGT gives you 3 sets of reels on one screen. Each set is flanked by pictures of Elvis during those different phases. You can choose to play just one set, just like a normal slot. The incentive to play more comes from multipliers as you move up through the 2nd and 3rd sets of reels. There are plenty of bonus options in this game, including 2 break-out bonus games and an on-reel respin feature. If you enjoy the music of the King, or just some new and refreshing game-play, then Elvis Multi-Strike could be a good option for you.

There is a contrast between the photos at the sides of the reels and the simple drawings of the symbols on them. On the left hand side there are pictures of Elvis performing, with portraits on the right. On the reels are guitars, teddy bears, a pink Cadillac, a mansion, microphone and various logos and bonus symbols. Depending on how much you bet, the bottom reels will spin first, quickly followed by the middle and the top set.


Playing Elvis Multi-Strike

The number of reels that you play depends on how many coins you bet. If you only want to play a single set of reels, this is possible by betting 20 coins or fewer. To get the best from this slot you need to bet 60 coins, which brings all 3 sets of reels into play and maximizes your action.

When you look at the pay table, remember that the 2nd set of reels pays double these prizes, and the 3rd set multiplies them by 4. 5 of the ‘TCB’ logos has the biggest single prize, this nets you 1000 coins (you get paid from 3). There is then a jump to the pink Cadillac and Elvis signature / profile which net you 500 coins for 5.

Sometimes a losing spin can turn into a winner. This on-reel feature is the ‘Rockin Respin’ and occurs when you get the logo of the same name. This triggers the first 2 reels to respin, often bringing in a winning combination. You should also keep in mind that the 3rd set of reels has a 4x multiplier – this is where you’ll want to see the majority of your wins.

There are two more special symbols. First the letters of the word Elvis appear on reels 1 through 5 respectively. If you get them all on a win-line then you win a jackpot prize of 10,000 coins. Second, there are bonus symbols (the fan-o-meter) which trigger the main break-out feature.

Bonus Games for Elvis Multi-Strike

There are two bonus games. The main one is the ‘Fan-o-Meter’ bonus. Your involvement is simply to choose old style TV sets. You get to watch a clip of Elvis, and then get paid depending on the reaction of the fans. This is not the most involved of bonuses, though you will get to enjoy clips from those different stages of the King’s career.

The second bonus game is a spinning wheel, which points to pictures of Elvis (again the different career stages). You keep spinning and collecting pictures and prizes until you hit a ‘collect’ segment – these appear each time a photo is removed from the wheel.

Summary for Elvis Multi-Strike

I enjoyed the innovative setup of this game, and the wide variety of Elvis tunes which are involved. It always surprises me how many of these I recognize! You really need to go for all 3 sets of reels to enjoy the action on this game and get the biggest (4x) win multiplier. There are plenty of features to keep you engaged. The Rockin Respin was useful, though the Fan-o-Meter bonus round is the most entertaining of the bonus features. The chance to win 10,000 coins by spelling ‘Elvis’ across the reels is a final touch which keeps your interest high. I recommend you take this one for a spin.

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