Ellen Degeneres Slot Machines

TV shows, movies and bands have all been  the themes of IGT slotsbefore. This is the first time I have come across a daytime TV host as the theme of a slot! There are two video slots based on Ellen DeGeneres, more commonly known as just Ellen. These games share a base and 2 of the bonus games. The difference is in the coloring and the extra bonuses. One is based on ‘Ellen’s Dance Party’ while the other is ’12 Days of Give Aways’.

Ellen is well known for her humor, and IGT has made a big effort to include this in the games. There are also icons from the show on the reels, including the famous red chair and boxer shorts! With a ‘Know or Go’ bonus round and Wheel of Riches game, players can enjoy some of the key features of the show too. The Ellen slots can be found in live casinos right now, though are not yet available to play online.

How to Win on IGT’s Slots Machine Ellen Degeneres

These games have 4 rows of symbols on each of 5 reels. The setup is ‘all ways’, meaning that there are no win-lines. Instead any sequence of 3 or more symbols from the left on consecutive reels triggers a prize. The all-ways setup means you cannot ‘miss’ a win line, it is also very good when you get more than a few wilds on the screen.

Your main opportunities to win will come via the 3 bonus rounds in each game. Two of these are shared between both slots, I will cover those both below and then the unique round for each game after that.

To trigger the bonus you need to hit 3 red chairs on reels 1, 3 and 5. The middle one will have a multiplier attached to it. You will see this before the bonus game starts, and it is applied to your winnings at the end of the bonus.

Know or Go is a quiz based game where 3 contestants can be ejected from the game by Ellen by pressing a red button. The question and answer part would not work for a fast-moving slot. What happens instead is that you press buttons to add coins and multipliers for each contestant. Eventually you will eject each one, with their score added to your total each time. There is a comical Ellen avatar hosting the game from the bottom right of the screen.

Wheel of Riches is a simple wheel spin bonus. You use the touch screen to spin the wheel, which stops at either a number of coins, or a fixed bonus number – for example $500. This is then multiplied by the number you got when you triggered the bonus.

Unique Bonuses on the Ellen DeGeneres Slot

One slot has a 12 days of give-aways bonus. This is a free spins round, which can give you up to 12 free spins. Each spin increases the multiplier for any wins by one – meaning that the last spin (if you get that far) has a 12x multiplier for any wins.

Dance Party also awards a free spins game. What happens here is that Ellen (well, a comical looking avatar of her with an oversized head) dances across the reels on some spins – adding wilds as she goes. This does not happen for every spin, though can lead to big wins when she does appear. As an extra, Ellen will sometimes dance across the reels during regular play too – adding a couple of extra wilds.

How the Ellen Slots Work

Both slots have a 75c minimum bet, which covers all the winning combinations and bonus games. With no win-lines in use you simply set your bet amount and start to spin. The all-ways setup means that wins are frequent, though not too large. The really big wins that come from this game will occur either through the bonus games or by covering the reels in a lot of wilds and triggering many win-lines at the same time.

The Ellen show theme song will play, and Ellen herself appears frequently with spoken instructions and announcements. Many of the symbols on the reels are pictures of Ellen too.

Overall Experience

If you are a fan of the show then these slots are going to be a must-play. The Know or Go and Wheel of Riches bonus games are taken directly from the show (and have the potential for big cash prizes too). Ellen’s humor does shine though in these games, without being overwhelming or too repetitive.

Uniquely you’ll have a choice of 2 games to try, with different games on each. Make sure you check out the Ellen slots next time you hit the casino!

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