Free Dangerous Beauty Slot

IGT’s fantasy-based slot game Dangerous Beauty has been dubbed as the ideal blend of fine rewards  through real money wagering and fantastic gaming entertainment. Players can experience a unique time at the casino as this wonderful slot machine includes a host of innovative features that considerably improve game play. In addition,  this is a 3D slot which comes with Multi Level Display – making it a novelty for slots players thanks to the incorporation of totally new aspects of real money gambling.

Similar to most of the slot machines designed and manufactured by IGT, Dangerous Beauty is also simple yet attractive. The manner in which it has been designed ensures that players are not distracted from the game’s core premise. A clean design also means that players can have a hassle-free experience. Dangerous Beauty is a great slot machine for players who bet low stakes as well as those who wish to make larger wagers with the hopes of bagging bigger wins.


Features and Denominations

Dangerous Beauty slots come with five reels and 40 paylines. Players are allowed to wager real money on this game in the 10-payline format, meaning that you can bet on 10, 20, 30, or 40 lines. 50 credits is the minimum amount of real money you can wager on a single payline, meaning that 500 credits is the lowest bet on 10 paylines. The maximum amount of credits you can wager on the Dangerous Beauty slots game is 2000 on forty paylines. The best paying jackpot in this game is 1000 credits. Coin denominations can vary from one penny to $1.

Graphics and Sound Effects in Dangerous Beauty

IGT has designed in the past slot machines in different themes such as science-fictionmovie and TV show-based, fantasy and action. Themes are not the only aspect of slot machines that attract players. The audio effects and graphics also make a big difference in determining whether or not players are interested in a particular slot game. The attention to detail and the liveliness of colors used in the symbols and animation in this slot machine make it one of IGT’s best creations.

Since this game is based on fantasy, the manufacturer has created a beautiful and magical environment incorporated with striking graphics and eccentric sound effects. With purple, blue and green as the main color scheme in Dangerous Beauty, players are in for a treat owing to the vibrant visuals. There aren’t too many instructions or images on the screen, making it less cluttered and easier for players to focus on the task at hand.

Symbols in Dangerous Beauty Slots

The icons used in Dangerous Beauty have been represented in a clean and clear manner. Three icons depicting beautiful maidens are the regular symbols and the other symbols include a Black Panther, a Lioness, and playing card with high value, like Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. A wild icon is also present in the game to help players increase their chances of forming winning combos. The Dangerous Beauty logo serves as a wild and can be replaced with any other icon in the game. When you collect wild icons on your reels, you will be rewarded with free games.

Free spins and free games are among the most attractive features of any slot machine. Dangerous Beauty has free games that can be activated by landing wild icons on the reels. These free games significantly enhance the chances of winning a good number of credits, mainly because of the stacked icons. Payouts will vary depending upon what symbol is stacked. After you have exhausted all of your free games, the screen will take you back to the core game and the credits you have won will be added to your overall winnings. The appearance of stacked wild icons on your reels will offer the biggest payout. Credits will vary depending upon the combination of icons on your reels.

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