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The CSI slot game is one of the popular favorites among the many great games IGT has created. The game is based on the television series that goes by the same name. The popularity of the sitcom has made the game very desirable to slot players. Additionally, the high payouts and simple game design ensure an enjoyable experience.

The five-reel, 30 payline slot machine integrates the television show into the game mechanics very fluidly. Also, the character symbols are different when you play different versions of the game. The game versions differ based on the show. CSI: Miami, for instance, is a different game from CSI: New York, or CSI. You have to choose the version you would like to play. This feature is unique to CSI slot machines.

Denominations, Payouts and How to Play the Game

The special thing about the CSI slot game is that you can win two kinds of jackpots. You either earn extra credits through a fixed-prize jackpot or through a progressive jackpot. The fixed jackpot is generated randomly. Every spin has a chance for you to hit it. The benefit of this is that you can earn large amounts on any bet making the game more accessible to casual players.

Progressive jackpots are generally liked by all slot players; again for the reason that you can make a great deal of money even on smaller bets. The progressive jackpot requires you to land a particular sequence of symbols for you to win anything. The symbols differ based on the game type you chose at the starting of the game. Each reel has a set of character faces on them based on the show you selected (Miami, NY or CSI).

Bonus Rounds and Fun Features

The machine has three different bonus rounds that are common to all three versions of the game. However, the character symbols, voiceovers and video clip are specific to selected versions. This makes the game get to players on a personal level. You can choose to play the game based on the cast you are familiar with, and have a better game experience.

The Trace Evidence bonus feature is activated when you land Flashlight symbol (with ‘trace evidence’ on it) on the last reel. You find the lights dimming down a bit, and you have to pick clues up. For each clue you pick, you win credit points and multipliers that add to your overall score.

The Crime Scene is a bonus feature that is activated when you land three crime scene photo symbols on a single spin. In the feature, you have to get a list of suspects by comparing fingerprints found at the crime scene with those in the police database. Once you get a hit, you revisit the crime scene to pick up other clues. The interactive system allows you to pick clues up by tapping the screen. Each time you pick a clue or fingerprint up, you see the number of credit points you win.

The Crime Lab round features once you have picked up a minimum of three clues in the Crime Scene round. The game-in-game design gives you chances to win even more credits before you get back to your regular spins. Get DNA strand symbols on your free spins to increase the multiplier value and make the most of the round. Bonuses increase depending on the number of Wild symbols you land during your bonus spins.

Compatibility with iOS, Android and Other Mobile Devices

CSI slots are available at any IGT powered casino. You can play the game online if you do not have the time to go to a land-based casino. The game is compatible with any Android or iOS device, making it easily accessible. The points you win will get credited to your player card automatically.

A Little About the CSI Television Series

CSI, or Crime Scene Investigation, is an American made crime drama sitcom that first aired in the year 2000. The series shows you the life of a solid team of investigators who have to go to lengths to solve complex crimes. Backed by experience and excellent knowledge on murders and related crimes, the team (based in different cities depending on the show) dive into crime scenes where they pick up different clues to help them solve cases.

Working with the local police department, the team often has tiffs regarding organizational jurisdiction and also faces a number of issues because of the way they solve cases. However, due to their excellent records, they are generally given the green light and go on their way to ensure a safer neighborhood.

The show has nearly a 100 million viewers, making it one of the most popular shows in the world. In fact, in 2012, it was unanimously voted the most-watched show for a fifth time. The huge response CSI got (the one based in Las Vegas), the company decided to make two further offshoots of the series, and thus developed CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.

The show brings out the difficulties involved in various different cases, especially in gathering information and clues from contaminated crime scenes to get a list of suspects. The forensics team works on multiple cases day and night, and tries to get results before it is too late. The ‘Who are you?’ sound track is iconic, and is featured in the slot machine.

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