Free Crown of Egypt Slots Machine

The Crown of Egypt slot is based around two central characters – a dark haired queen wearing a golden head decoration who could possibly be Cleopatra herself, alongside a Pharaoh with a Tutankhamun style head dress who looks out from the reels with a somewhat menacing look. They are joined on this impressive looking slot by a number of statues relating to sacred animals of the time, with playing card symbols completing the reels. IGT have produced a very original slot game here, offering the unusual combination of win lines and the Multiway Xtra format – offering more ways to win than ever before.

Although something of a historical game, the slot has a very modern look. This is due to each symbol being housed in a square, the squares stacked together in a crisp, rectangle shape. Every time you hit spin, each symbol spins independently, giving the game a very different look to your usual slot where entire reels spin. The symbols at the game appear almost photographic, making for a nice contrast to the hieroglyphic filled cave that sets the backdrop to the game. The game is accompanied by somewhat haunting flute music, adding both tension and atmosphere to the game.

Playing Crown of Egypt Slot

With two different ways of winning on the reels, this is almost two separate games in one.

The standard win line scenario sees 40 lines across the five reels, these reels being slightly larger than normal in having four symbols on each. You can play all 40, but also have the choice of only enabling 20, 10 and 1.However you can gain many more ways of winning by adding the Multiway Xtra. This format means that you’ll win when landing symbols in any positions in adjacent columns – making for a total of 1,024 ways to win. Adding the Multiway Xtra will increase the total stake for each spin by a further 40 credits.

You’ll actually find two separate pay tables. The win lines format pays out the much higher win amounts and will pay if landing three or more consecutive symbols on a win line. The Multiway Xtra wins are much smaller and you’ll need at least four in a row, although this offers more chance of multiple wins. On many occasions, you’ll find that you’ll achieve a win on both pay tables, therefore receiving two pay-outs for the same symbols.

The female Queen is the highest paying symbol of all, with a 5,000 coin win for five in a row on a win line and a 500 coin win for Multiway Xtra. The male Pharaoh pays 2,000 and 350 coins for the same wins.

Aside from the standard symbols, you’ll find two others on the reels. Firstly there is the wild symbol, which is the title of the slot. This will substitute for any other on the reels, enabling even more additional wins to the huge amount of chances you have already! The final symbol is the pyramid which only appears on the middle of the five reels.

Feature Round for Crown of Egypt

The number  of free games you’ll earn during this round is based upon the number of pyramid symbols that appear on reel three. The minimum two pyramids win you 10 free spins, with an additional five free spins added for any extra. During the bonus round you’ll find richer reels, featuring more of the higher paying symbols and additional wilds. The free spins can be re-triggered, with a maximum amount of 130 spins in the feature.

Crown of Egypt Conclusion

It would be fair to say that an Egyptian based game is not the most original idea for a slot, with games of a similar theme found at many casinos. However, IGT have certainly produced one of the best ones here. The combination of this slick looking game and the countless number of ways you’ll win make for a slot that will appeal to a wide range of people. Yes, with each spin costing 80 credits (if playing Multiway Xtra) the coin amount can quickly add up, but this format is what sets the game apart, so I would certainly recommend adding on the extra ways to win.

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