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Cluedo is a murder mystery board game where the players aim to identify which of the characters in the game murdered Dr. Black, which murder weapon was used and in which room the murder took place. The game has seen many spin offs over the years, including children’s versions of the game, films, computers and video games – this slot by IGT adding to the ever growing repertoire. This game features a number of the classic characters from the game on the reels, including Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White and Professor Plum.

The game is set at night, the imposing Tudor mansion where the murder takes place serving as the backdrop to the reels. The reels themselves are backed by a dark blue wallpaper pattern, with the characters appearing within brass picture frames – all drawn in a slick cartoon style, giving the game a modern air. The characters are joined by the playing card symbols from 9 to Ace, each symbol accompanied by one of the six murder weapons, including the famed candlestick of course. The accompanying soundtrack to the game is entirely suitable, being the kind of background sound you might find at any historical crime drama – think Miss Marple or Poirot!


Playing Cluedo Classic

Despite being based upon a board game, this is very much a standard casino game, with the same five reels found at the majority of online slots. There are 20 win lines as the default amount, but you do have the option of lowering this to 15, 9, 5 or just a single win line. You’ll then choose the coin value which you’ll multiply by your number of win lines to give a total stake for each spin.

Standard wins come when you land consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line. Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett are the two top paying standard symbols at the game, each gaining you a win of 750 coins should you land five in a row, these two symbols both paying out if landing two or more in a row. You’ll need at least three in a row for any of the other standard symbols, with Mrs. White, Professor Plum and Rev. Green being the best of these, followed by the playing card symbols.

The title symbol of the slot is the wild and will substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the bonus one. If the wild is indeed used as part of a win, the win amount will be doubled due to the 2x multiplier. This symbol is also the highest paying in the game and should you land five in a row on a win line you’ll win a massive 10,000 coins, with smaller wins awarded for landing two or more in a row.

The final symbol on the reels is the ‘mystery’ scatter symbol. You’ll gain an immediate scatter win if this appears twice or more at the reels (with a top prize of 100x your total bet should you land the maximum five), but this symbol is perhaps more valuable seeing as three or more appearances on the reels takes you to the free spins feature.

You’ll be pleased to know that the ’Cluedo Bonus’ feature gives you 15 free spins, which is on the high side in comparison to many other games. However, add in the fact that each win will be trebled makes this one of the most potentially profitable feature rounds out there. If you add in the fact that the free spins can be re-triggered during the bonus round, it makes it even better. The only small downside is the fact that the top paying 5 wild symbol win of 10,000 coins will not be subject to the 3x multiplier.

Cluedo Classic Conclusion

The first impressions of the game are certainly good ones – the slot has a fresh feel, the graphics and the accompanying sound making for a satisfying gaming experience. However, for a slot machine involving intrigue and murder, there is very little in the way of features. There is no bonus round outside of the reels, just the basic free spins round found at the majority of online games – the only high point being the profitable nature of the round. As such, players who enjoy games with rich bonus features might move on from this game quickly (having probably expected more) – although slot enthusiasts who like the action on the reels without too many interruptions might find this game ideal.


Anthony E. Pratt, an English musician, first devised Cluedo back in 1944, as a game to play whilst in the bomb shelters. It was originally called ‘Murder!” and Waddingtons, a publisher of board games in the UK immediately picked it up, the game launching simultaneously in the UK and the US (called ‘Clue’ and released by Parker Brothers) in 1949.

The original game saw more characters and a greater number of murder weapons, although the basic premise of the game has remained the same throughout its time.

The six suspects in Cluedo are Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Rev. Green (Mr. Green in the US), Colonel Mustard and Mrs. White. One of these six is the murderer and will have used the candlestick, the knife, the lead pipe, the revolver, the rope or the wrench.

At the end of the game, one of the players will declare who the murderer is, with what weapon and in which room of the mansion – for example, they might say ‘I suspect it was Colonel Mustard, in the Dining Room, with the Lead Pipe’. If they are correct, the game is won – if they are wrong, they’ll play no further part in the game.

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