Cleopatra Plus Slots Machine

The Latest Cleopatra Slot from IGT Includes Progressive Bonus Games

Cleopatra has been one of the most popular live and online slots from IGT for many years. This game was one of the earliest video slots. The combination of multipliers, free games and solid IGT game-play saw it upgraded several times over the years. There is now an online version, connected to the IGT Mega Jackpots pool.

The newest game in the range – Cleopatra Plus – takes this famous theme to a whole new level. Graphics are smooth, and the familiar voice of Cleopatra is still there. What is different is a progressive element. As you play you will gain ‘followers’, each time you hit 50, you move up one of 10 levels. Each level unlocks extra bonuses, maps and deities – giving you more winning opportunities. This review covers the new Cleopatra Plus slot in detail, starting with the base game and then looking at the different bonuses and new design.

How to Win on Cleopatra Plus – The Base Game

I’m happy to see that IGT did not change the base game too much. The graphics are more up to date, though the symbols will be familiar to anyone that played the original games. These include stacked wilds (Cleopatra), scarab beetles and the eye symbol too. You will find new symbols, in the form of gold ‘followers’. These have 2 roles – paying out scatter wins as well as moving you up the levels.

Your biggest line wins will come via the logo symbol which has Cleopatra’s eyes looking straight at you. This is worth 1500 coins for 5, 250 coins for 4 and 50 coins for 3. This is also the wild symbol, substituting for everything except the followers (scatters).

Golden deity symbols come next, you get to choose these via an icon on the top left of the reels. Initially you will have a choice of 3. As you hit level 4 and up, you can choose additional deities – which then appear stacked on the reels. These are all worth 400 coins for 5. Scarab beetles (300 coins for 5), the eye, jewels in the shape of a flower and the Ankh make up the remaining unique symbols. There are also playing card symbols – which make up the smaller wins.

Scatter symbols are a little more complex than on other slots. These are the followers, and come in 3 variations. To start with you will collect 1 follower at a time (via a gold symbol with a single person). As you progress, double and then triple follower symbols start to appear. 5 scatter symbols get up 50 times your total bet amount, you get 10x for 4, 3x for 3 and 2x for just 2.

Bonus Games on Cleopatra Plus

When you hit 3 follower symbols or more in a single spin, you’ll start the complex free spins bonus game. There are two parts to this bonus, which gets better as you move up the 10 possible levels by collecting more followers.

The basis of the bonus are 3 maps. You start with the City of Alexandria, then move to the River Nile and finally to the Pyramids of Giza.

Depending on how many scatter symbols triggered the bonus, you will have followers to place on the features on each map. As you place them, they unlock cash wins, multipliers or additional free spins. At the upper level, you can also unlock ‘super spins’ which come with super-stacked deity symbols for an increased chance of winning.

For example, a typical bonus might award 10 free spins with a 4x multiplier – plus 240 coins in cash. There is an interesting extra at level 6. Here you get a ‘last spin multiplier’ in addition to the regular boosts added on the maps.

Design of the Cleopatra Plus Online Slot

I have to hand it to IGT, the design really captures the original games – while being very much up to date. The background is orange and tan, with the shadows of the pyramids behind the semi-transparent reels. You’ll hear ancient Egyptian music while you play. One feature of the original games which reappears are the quotes from Cleopatra based on the outcome of the spins. Things like ‘Twice as Nice’ and ‘The Object of My Desires’ are said as you play.

Overall the graphics are cleaner and shaper than on older slots. The scarab beetle stands out for me, it will do a little shuffle when you win with it. There is an effective flaming effect around the reels when you hit 2 scatters – in anticipation of the 3rd hitting and triggering the bonus game. The maps and animations from the bonus rounds are top quality too.

Cleopatra Plus – Summing Up

I enjoyed this game, and recommend you take it for a spin. Adding complex progressive elements to a long-term favorite slot does run the risk of alienating the fans. IGT has struck a balance here – adding to the original game, while keeping many of the key components in place. When you hit the upper levels, you’ll enjoy potentially higher payouts and plenty of extra features too.

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