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Bridesmaids appeared on the big screen back in 2011 and very quickly became one of the most popular films of the year. The movie is a romantic comedy based around the exploits of Annie (played by Kirsten Wiig) who has been asked to be the maid of honour for her best Lillian’s upcoming wedding. Competition between Annie and fellow bridesmaid Helen and the love life of Annie are the central themes of the film, which ends with the wedding itself. The popularity of a film can be judged by the spin-offs and the fact that IGT have produced a casino slot based around the film tells a story in itself.

It’s clear when you first clap eyes on the slot that this is a game which is geared more towards the female casino players, the bright pink colouring of the towering cabinet not to be missed. The slot features two screens, with the base reel game being played on the lower of the screens and the extras, including the progressive bonus amounts on the larger screen above. On the screens you’ll find many aspects of the hit film, including the main characters, music and iconic images from the film.

Playing Bridesmaids Slot

The base game features five reels, each of the reels four symbols high. There are a total of 40 win lines across the reels, with an added 10 credit side bet, making a grand total of 50 credits per spin. The game has something of a unique look due to the character symbols encompassing more than one symbol on the reels – some being two high, others occasionally taking up an entire reel.

During the base game you’ll find a number of features. These include ‘Annie’s Wild Ride’ which sees a car travel across the reels with any symbols below the car turning wild, the car appearing again and again, until wilds fill much of the reels – this making for a very profitable spin. You’ll also find ‘Bouquet Toss’ which sees the major symbols at the game turning wild, once again giving additional wins.

However, it’s the main features that really make this IGT slot. To activate these bonus rounds you’ll need to land the ‘Bridesmaids’ scatter symbols three or more times across any of the reels. You’ll find both video clips and engaging content in the following four bonus features:

Wedding Party Progressive – When playing this round you’ll find six different progressive Jackpots, with one available on each of the six wheels. You’ll start off by being given a number of butterflies which act as pointers at the wheels, and these will land on a cash amount, a progressive Jackpot or the advance segment. You’ll win the prizes for all of the butterflies and if you hit the ‘advance’ segment, you’ll do it all again on the next wheel. Advance to the final wheel and you could win the Lillian progressive Jackpot – the largest of all at the game.

Maid of Dishonour Free Spins – Here you’ll gain five free spins, these with a difference however! Should the ‘call attendant’ symbol appear on the reels, you’ll look up and see the characters spinning horizontally across the scene. One of these symbols will be selected and either give you additional free spins or you’ll also turn every matching symbol on the reels wild.

Bridal Gown Show Down – Here you’ll serve food to each of the five characters at this feature. They will all sit at the table with empty plates and you’ll drag and slide a skewer of food onto each of these plates. Each of the characters has a value over their head, and if the food is good you’ll win that amount, but if the food is bad, you’ll get nothing from that character, who has now turned green.

Random Moments – You’ll choose one of five DVD’s which will now be placed in the DVD player on the above screen, playing a clip from the movie. You’ll win credit awards as well as having the possibility of gaining additional picks.

Summary of Bridesmaids Slot

It’s not always the easiest task when trying to transfer the feel of a successful movie onto a slot that will grace the casino floor, but IGT have certainly done a great job here. The slot is most definitely eye catching, even from a distance, but it’s when you sit down to play that the slot has the biggest impact. The feature rounds are excellent and although the slot is marketed for a more female audience, all players will enjoy the variety and originality of the bonus games.



Bridesmaids was written by Annie Mumalo and star of the film Kristen Wiig and had a star studded cast which included Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne. Budgeted at $32.5 million, the film was made primarily in Los Angeles, California, despite the movie being set in both Milwaukee and Chicago.

The film opened to critical acclaim, the website Rotten Tomatoes stating that the film was “A marriage of genuine characters, gross out gags, and pathos, Bridesmaids is a female-driven comedy that refuses to be boxed in as Kristen Wiig emerges as a real star.”

The movie grossed in excess of $26 million on its first weekend and would eventually make $169 million in the US and $288 million globally. However it wasn’t just a success at the box office, as the awards season saw Bridesmaids make a big impact. It was nominated for two academy awards (Melissa McCarthy for best supporting actress and best Original Screenplay) as well as for a golden globe for Best Picture – Musical or Comedy.

Any movie which has been so successful is bound to attract talk of a sequel and Bridesmaids is no different, with rumours abound in 2012 that Universal were interested in making a sequel. However this was dispelled in 2014 when Kristen Wiig appeared on the Ellen show, stating that she thought the first film ended fine as it was and that no sequel was needed.


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