Beverly Hillbillies Slot Machine

One of the most popular slot machine games, known as the Beverly Hillbillies slots, is a classic adaptation of the popular TV series from the 60s.

Due to the popularity of the particular series, it has been an inspiration for many designers over the years to construct slot games and casino themes based on it. One of the very popular versions of it is the Beverly Hillbillies Slot machine game seen in many casinos and later introduced in the world of online real money casino games.

As mentioned, the game is based on the Beverly Hillbillies TV series and has symbols like Jed, Elly May, and Jethro who are the characters from the series. The graphics and the sound-track of the game go with the theme and have been kept as authentic as possible. For those who have been followers of this legendary series, the game will be able to bring about nostalgia in you.

Features of Beverly Hillbillies Slot

Like other slot games, the rules are more or less the same. You spin the reel and if you get a set of similar symbols to form a winning combination, you win. In case of real money casino games, prior to spinning the wheel, you bet a certain amount of money according to the specifications of the particular casino and if the reels turn in your luck, you get payouts in real cash depending on the bet that you put earlier. Simple isn’t it? In addition to the regular features, online games present some extra features to increase your chances of winning. The bonuses and the wild features are an addition to the tradition style which make the game interesting and increase the winnings.

Beverly Hillbillies slot is a 5-reel game with 20 paylines. When you are playing for real money, the bet ranges from 0.01 to 5.00 per payline. This means that depending on the lines that you are betting your money on, the minimum possible bet will be 0.01 and the maximum can reach up to 100.00 per spin. The currency depends on your specific country and the country the casino is situated in. As you keep betting coin on the lines and the reels show specific symbols on spinning, you progress to win the jackpot which can be as high as 20x the money on bet.

Special Features and Bonus Rounds

Beverly Hillbillies slot comes with a random progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot can arise randomly at the end of any game played with real money. The jackpot option is obviously not present in the downloadable versionof the game which can be played for fun. Increasing your wager in each game can better your chances of hitting the jackpot in the end. Upon hitting the jackpot, the game ends and the winnings are converted to the currency used by the player and promptly credited to their account.

The game is filled with other surprises like wild symbols and scatter symbols which can considerably increase your odds even if you do not hit the jackpot in the end. The wild symbol replaces any other symbol in the reel to make maximum number of winning combinations. Along with these, you also get a number of spin bonus rounds where you get extra free games to play without betting real money on them.

About the Beverly Hillbillies – Jethro and His Clan

Beverly Hillbillies is an old American sitcom that was broadcasted from 1962 to 1971 on CBS channel. It was based on the backdrop of a poor, unprivileged family that moved to a more extravagant life in Beverly Hills, California. This series ran for long 9 seasons and was the first series of the genre, later popularly known as the “fish out of water” series of TV serials.

The series portrayed a subtle comedy with a very rustic and country feeling to it. The strong cast of the serial was Donna Douglas (Elly May Clampett), Buddy Ebsen (Jed “JD” Clampett), Irene Ryan (Granny), Max Baer (Jr. Jethro Bodine), and Nancy Kulp (Jane Hathaway). These actors were extremely popular during that time.

The popularity of the serial can be judged by its viewer ratings. It ranked among the most watched serials in 8 seasons among the 9 seasons it was aired on TV. The serial also ranked twice as the best serial of the year. Also, many of the episodes still hold records as the most watched ones till date. Owing to the popularity, the series inspired a film made in 1993 by 20th Century Fox, which became a hit too.

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