Betti the Yetti

Betti the Yetti Slots is a video slots game developed by the big game developing company, IGT (International Gaming Technology). This slots game is one that will keep you on the edge of your seats whenever you play it, as it is filled with fun features, bonus rounds and amazing video graphics. Over the past few years, IGT has created numerous slots games, which have captured the hearts of many regular casino goers and ordinary folk, alike. This particular game has received a lot of attention from many players across the globe. With all the benefits that this game has to offer, there is no doubt that you should keep your eyes keenly peeled for the ‘Betti the Yetti’ slots game in the casino.

The Betti the Yetti slots game is based on regular slots machines, which you would find at any land-casino. However, this game is more modern as it incorporates many innovative features. The first thing is that the players will not have to worry about is having to pull the slots lever, as that feature has become completely obsolete with the advent of new technology. Instead, players now have to simply insert coins into the game and press a button in order to send the five reels (instead of three slots as in regular games) spinning across the screen.

If the player is able to make a combination between the symbols during a spin, the game will give a payout based on the symbols matched and the denomination of the currency that is inserted. There are 30 paylines from which players can choose, which is more than what is seen in many other slots games. What this game is known for are the attractive symbols, which represent the different values in the game. When the players spins the reels, there are different symbols that are being rotated. The symbols in this game are connected to the theme of the slots machine which is Betti the Yetti. The symbols include a moose, a bird, flowers, squirrels and bee hives which makes up the forest theme of the game.

Playing The Game

The maximum bet that a player can make during a spin is 1,500 credits if the denomination is one cent. One of the reasons why this game is so popular is because the amount that is required to play the game is lesser than many other slots games on the casino floor. The minimum bet in this game is a penny and the maximum bet in the game is $15 in a spin. Players also have the chance to increase their chances of winning if they get a wild symbol during their spin. A wild symbol is a specific symbol used in video game slots where it substitutes itself with another symbol so as to give the player the chance to make a winning combination. The wild symbol is also a multiplier, which means that players that make a winning combination with the wild symbol will have their payouts tripled.

Bonus Rounds on the Betti the Yetti Game

One of the major incentives in video slot games is the bonus feature which gives the player the chance to win money without having to insert additional coins. In the Betti the Yetti slots game, the bonus round is activated when three bonus symbols appear on the reels after a spin. The game then gives the player up to a maximum of 20 free spins, thus increasing the payout win. After the free spins are over the game resumes in the normal mode. Also, there is an Adventure Win trail where if there are two advance symbols that appear on the reels during a spin, Betti the Yetti will move forward on her trail pitching tents and crossing bridges. This feature adds more authenticity to the game.

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