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Back to the Future first appeared at the movie theatres in 1985, and the film and its sequels have become much loved ever since. The film trilogy is based around the adventures of Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) and Dr. Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown (Christopher Lloyd), when Doc builds a time machine from a modified DeLorean car. The original film sees Marty McFly travel back to 1955 and meet his parents, causing immediate trouble when he becomes the romantic interest of his mother – attempting to repair the damage by making his parents fall in love. The film series has seen several spin-offs, including a theme park, an animated series, video games and of course, this slot machine by IGT.

This slot draws on aspects from all three of the Back to the Future movies, with video clips, animations, symbols and characters appearing throughout the game. To enhance the experience IGT teamed up with both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to provide voice-overs for the game.

‘The Back to the Future’ slot certainly can’t be missed as it’s housed in the ‘Crystal Core’ upright gaming cabinet. This is a standalone machine, featuring the main game screen with an additional 42 inch upper screen, making for a gaming experience that is second to none. This is added to by the ‘Enhanced Content’ concept introduced by IGT, where you can unlock another theme within the game. This means that as well as playing the initial game from Marty’s part of view, once unlocked, you can also play the slot with Biff. Both of these games have their own look and features, meaning that the slot will stay fresh for much longer than many rival games.

Like the majority of casino slots, you’ll find that the standard game has five reels, with three symbols showing on each. On the yellow backed reels you’ll find a combination of characters and iconic symbols from the movies, alongside the time clock symbol which acts as the scatter, enabling the bonus feature if appearing three or more times across the reels. The reels have thirty win lines and you’ll play this slot for between 75c and three dollars a spin.

Back to the Future Slot Bonus Feature

With the three or more scatters sitting on the reels, you’ll find a wheel will appear at the top of the screen – ‘Marty’s Feature Wheel’. This will spin horizontally, showing all of the different bonus rounds available, as well as various multipliers. Here is a look at each of the features:

Wheel Spin – This feature round sees you spin the back wheel of the car, every spin increasing the number of credits you’ll win, the winning amount rising rapidly as the car spins off into the distance.

Time Flies – This is a free games round where you’ll be presented with the Hill Valley clock tower, one of the more iconic sights of the film trilogy. You’ll spin the dial of the clock which will reveal the multiplier for the spins, before your five free games take place. This bonus round can be re-triggered.

Time Circuit Scramble – Here you’ll enter a date onto the time circuit situated in the famed DeLorean time machine. Should you manage to match the date that will subsequently appear on the time machine you’ll have a nice bonus awaiting you.

Wild West Train Bonus – You’ll be met by a screen filled with a number of familiar icons from the film trilogy, players selecting one at a time in hope of finding fuel logs. Each log causes the multiplier meter on the screen to rise, through 1x, 2x, 3x all the way up to the maximum 5x. Choose the ‘End of Track’ symbol three times however and the round will end, with a nice clip from the film showing the train crashing into the ravine.

Outatime! Bonus – This is another free games bonus round, where you’ll pick symbols, with credits and multipliers to be won along the way.

Fans of the ‘Back to the Future’ film franchise are certainly in for a treat when playing this IGT slot, but even if you’ve never seen the movies, the game is good enough to stand on its own. The slot is impressive enough even when standing many yards away, but having sat down to play, it’s the range of features that really set it apart, these offering many original and varied ways to win, alongside clips from the films that really bring them to life. This is a slot will appeal to all players – after all, how many other games on the casino floor offer the chance to re-write history?

Back to the Future Trilogy

When ‘Back to the Future’ was released in 1985 it became an instant hit and was the highest grossing movie of the year. Such was the success of the film that  Amblin Entertainment under the auspices of Steven Spielberg decided on a pair of sequels which were released back to back in 1989 and 1990.

Each film has a distinctive, different feel. The first takes Marty and Doc back to the 1950’s, where Marty meets his parents in high school and takes on Biff, Marty’s enemy throughout the series. The second movie moves forward to 2015, where Biff has managed to smuggle a sports almanac into the past, using the results to gamble and make an inordinate amount of money thereby taking over the town of Hill Valley. The final film in the franchise goes back in time again, this time to the Wild West, where Doc falls in love with a schoolteacher and wants to stay in the past, while Marty endeavours to make it back to the present time.

For some, Back to the Future is still very much alive, this due to the second film in the trilogy, where the date when Marty and Doc arrived in the future was October 21st 2015. This has led to ‘Back to the Future Day’ being marked across social media, with many articles written discussing the fictional future in the films in comparison to real life.

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