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IGT has a large portfolio of slots with movie tie-ins. Once you play Avatar you’ll quickly see that this particular game really pushes the slot genre forward. The graphics and effects from the movie are reason enough to check out this slot. When you add in the progressive bonuses(you choose a character, and name to move through a succession of bonus games), group bonuses and chance of a million+ jackpot – Avatar from IGT becomes a must play. This slot can be found in brick and mortar casinos, and will hopefully arrive to online casinos in the near future.

This is a complex and entertaining game. To keep this review clear I have split up the different parts below. First is an overview of the main ways to win with on-screen bonuses, big screen bonus games and the progressive jackpot game all covered. After that you’ll see info on how the game is set up.

How to Win on IGT’s Slots Machine Avatar

While you are being entertained by interactive clips and voice overs from the movie – there are plenty of chances to win cash! These start with lining up 3 or more symbols from the left as with any other slot. What you’ll find is that individual wins from this are smaller. Their main role is to keep you playing long enough to enjoy the bonuses. You’ll trigger bonus games by getting 3 of the tree of souls symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5.

The most frequent feature which appears individually on your screen as well as via the giant shared screen gives you 3 ways to enhance your spins. You get to choose from Banshee Wilds (Banshees fly over the screen dropping wilds at random before your spin), Arrow Boost (arrow shoot scene which is followed by a multiplier for your win) or Na’vi Pay, which gives a cash prize for every Na’vi that lands on the reels.

You’ll win tokens as you progress through the game. One thing I love about this slot is that you can play your tokens immediately – unlocking bonus games – or you can save them up for a bonus with a huge multiplier later on. Initially you’ll get to choose from a pick-em type game where you choose seeds from the tree of souls, or free spins which each have one of the specials from the paragraph above. You can choose a different one for each free spin, or make them all the same.

As you progress through the levels, 3 more bonus games become available. These involve searching through the forest in ‘the hunt’, a fight themed ‘warrior free games’ round and the chance to tame a Banshee of your own in the ‘take flight’ bonus round.

Group Bonuses

The multi-player aspect of Avatar means that group bonuses are also possible. These bonuses work by awarding wins as a multiplier of your stake. These are RDA Attack (free games where you band together to attack the RDA), Battle for the Tree of Souls and Defend the Forest. Again, the action is cinematic and interactive.


The progressive jackpot has a separate game which is not themed on the Avatar movie. This involves spinning reels and trying to make the word ‘Powerball’ before your run out of reels by duplicating letters. Each spin comes with a cash prize, and you can also win multipliers. This jackpot can win you a top prize of more than a million dollars.

How the Avatar Slots Machine Works

With so much going on in the way of bonus games, levels and jackpots – it is easy to overlook the fact that this is a 5 reel, 3 row slot with 30 pay lines at its core. IGT are masters at this aspect of the game, making even the basic spins enjoyable. There are wild symbols, along with both characters and items from the movie on the reels.

There are some extra elements which you will not find on other slots. You can choose a character and progress through the different levels to unlock bonus games. This is not just for a single session, you can save your progress and then return later to pick up where you left off. There are even new backgrounds and music to unlock as you play.

Overall Experience

No doubts here – the Avatar slot has genuinely moved the whole slots genre forward. The interactive elements are amazing, way beyond the simple clips shown on previous games. What really stands out is the variety of bonus games and ways to play. You can choose a character, move through different levels and even choose whether to take lots of smaller bonus games or save your tokens for one game with big-win potential. Add in the chance of coming away from this slot as a millionaire, and you’ll see why this slot has proven such a big live casino hit.

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