50,000 Pyramid Slots

It is becoming increasingly difficult for programmers to design unique, interesting, and intriguing games that appeal to the masses. So, a new idea followed by developers was to refashion popular game shows, movies, and fairytale stories, into slot games. This way, slot fans can play with an extremely popular concept, and the fun features of slot games would surely attract the attention of the masses.

One of the first games to combine popular themes with slot games was the 50,000 Pyramid Slot game, which was inspired by a very famous American TV game show. This IGT slot game, developed around this popular game show has stood the test of time, and remains one of the most played online casino slot games in the world.

If you have watched the game show on TV, you should know what to expect of the game, but here are a few details about how the game works. The original game show has a pyramid shaped board, where you progressively win money as the team guesses words, based on the clues given to them. Before proceeding further, it is worth mentioning that the ‘50,000’ in the name of the game, signifies the jackpot amount, which is by far the most important thing to know. The second highest payout is 1,000 credits, which will allow you to play the game more times, to give a fair chance to win the jackpot.

50,000 Pyramid Slot Game Online

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  • Graphics and the Track

    The graphics are as great as the graphics of the game show that it is inspired from. The game starts with and exciting animation like the one in the game show itself, then it showcases a set of beautiful golden colored reels. The background of the game also portrays the real scenes from the game show, which keeps the authenticity of the game alive. Filled with catchy and elegant colors, the graphics add to the fun quotient of the game. The track in the background is as dramatic as it can get for an exciting game like this, with the decimal levels rising and falling at many occasions according to the proceedings of the game.

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    Special Features and Bonuses

    50,000 Pyramid slot machine is packed with lots of bonuses and wild symbols which manage to keep the game interesting as you progressively play for the higher bets and aim to hit the jackpot in the finale. Some of the important features of the game, which increase the chances of wining cash, are as follows:

    Free Spin Bonus Rounds: This feature in available only in the end, when you have accumulated the win amount from all the spin rounds. Here, in the free spin bonus round, a special reel appears, which will give you multipliers giving you an opportunity to increase you win amount.

    Wild Symbol: Like the wild symbols in any other slot games online, this symbol substitutes for any other symbol in the reel, to construct wining combinations.

    Winners Circle Pyramid Bonus: This symbol helps you to get as many as possible free spin bonuses that can be carried forward to the next rounds.

    This game being one of the first in its genre has made a mark for itself in the field of online casino slot games. The acclaim is well suited, and the game is exciting, according to the expectations of slot fans. With good payouts and ample opportunities to win, this game is a must-try for players.