5 Times Pay Slots Machine

Among the hundreds of slot machines and online slot games that IGT has released, Five Times Pay is a simple classic slot game that does not fail to impress. The slot is similar to your basic fruit slots, but it offers a lot more to the players. Five Times Pay is also available as a spinning 3-reel slot, combined with other games like Red, White & Blue, Wheel of Fortune and Triple Double Five Times Pay slots. The slots, however, are available only land-based casino on real money wagers. The game theme is not available for play online or through mobile platforms.

Five Times Pay is an extremely simple slot game that has many unique features that reward the player financially. It is a 5-reel slot with 9 paylines, and has interesting bonus features that will get you hooked to it. Symbols on the reels include high card values like A, K, Q, J , 10 and 9, classic slots symbols like the number 7, Bar, cherries, a bunch of grapes, a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, an apple, and others. Five Times Pay is available in the classic standalone slot machine with a lever and controls that are easy to use.


Other Versions of 5 X Pay Available

IGT has also combined the Five Times Pay slot theme with other slots to offer feature-rich 5-reel slots to its customers.

One such slot machine is the Wheel of Fortune Reel MultiPLAY Five Times Pay which is a 3-reel slot with 4-lines and allows players to play up to 4 games at once. The slot has excellent 3D images with entertaining animation. The other Five Times Pay themed slots are the Five Times Pay Red, White & Blue Spinning reel slots. This is also a 3-reel slot with one payline, combined with the classic Red, White and Blue game, and classic slots symbols like the number 7 and bar in three colors, offering different rewards.

The third Five Times Pay themed slot offered by IGT is the Tripe Double Five Times Pay Spinning Reel, which is also a 3-reel slot with one payline and classic slot symbols like cherries, sevens, bars and also the 2X Pay, 3X Pay and 5X Pay symbols scattered on the reels to offer bonus rewards.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

The real money versions of the original Five Times Pay slot and the other Five Times Pay themed slots are available only at brick-and-mortar casinos across the world. The game, being a 5-reel slot, is easy to play and all that a player needs to do is insert the casino ticket or paper token and click on spin. The game has a max credit limit of 450 and allows betting of up to 20 credits per line. The highest award offered in this game is 200,000 credits, which if offered when at least two Five Times Pay symbols and three red seven symbols appear on the winning payline, on max bet.

What Kind of Bonus Rounds are Available?

The Five Times Pay slots has a wild, which is the Five Times Pay symbol that matches all other symbols on the reels to form a winning combination. This is the only bonus feature in the spinning reel, 5-reel slot machine. The other Five Times Pay slots with 3-reels also have the multiplier feature, which is triggered when you get the lucky sevens or other high paying symbols of the game at least two times on the reels. The red seven is the highest paying symbol on the reels. While these 3 and 5 reel spinning reel slots lack any exciting bonuses, they do offer you a payout on almost every possible combination, which makes them the simplest of slots you can play for decent rewards.

Is Five Times Pay Mobile Ready?

Five Times Play slot and its themed slots are spinning reel slots and are not yet available via mobile or online platforms.

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