Pirate 2 Slot Machine Review

The lifting of a long Soviet-era ban on gambling proved the launching ground for Moscow-based Igrosoft Gaming Systems, which entered the market as a producer of upgrades for firmware to boards of existing gaming software offerings. With the advent of the internet however, the company embarked on a course of in house game development that has taken the online community by storm over the past two decades.

With the release of the long awaited sequel, Pirate 2 online pokie, the design staff has come up with another winning combination of fast paced play, funny graphics, efficient interface, and simplistic imagery that has a proven reputation with players. Pirate 2 slot game borrows extensively from the imagery of its predecessor, so there is a strong continuity between the two games. Taking the game elements that made the original game so popular; Pirate 2 built on those positives to make an even more exciting gaming experience.


Pirate 2 logo

How to Play Pirate 2

For fans of the original Pirate, there will be a few surprises with this new offering, but the sequel largely follows the same graphic template as the original. Of noticeable difference however, the designers up their game and came up with a higher quality image. Luckily, the treasure map garners the same prize of 5,000 credits, while the wild symbol will net the player 2,000 credits.

Featuring a simplistic cartoon depiction that is typical of Igrosoft’s design, Pirate 2 casino game ┬áis laden with maritime themed symbols:

  • Parrot
  • Ring
  • Skull
  • Treasure Chest
  • Shells
  • Crossbones
  • Coins

With 5 reels and five paylines, Pirate 2 also offers some unique bonus rounds to be discussed below. When you successfully land the pirate coins, you will gain access to the game’s primary feature, which means a chance to shoot the cannon.

When you land three or more pirate coins on the available reels, you enter stage one of the feature that requires you to aim the cannon using the left and right buttons to move the cannon into place. Careful shooting will allow you to sink one of the ships on your horizon. Once hit, you will be shown a short movie outlining your prize. If you do not find the golden key, the round ends and you return to normal play.

The Look and Feel of Pirate 2

As mentioned, the slot game Pirate 2 looks suspiciously like the original Pirate pokie when it comes to aesthetics. That being said however, Igorsoft has always eschewed flashy graphics in favor of an almost kitschy look that is best remembered in the graphics of 1990s games and consoles. Still, it is a formula that works for the company and its fans when it comes to delivering a solid online gaming experience. Towards that end, players seem to delight in the low-tech looking graphics that deliver a fast paced and enjoyable game.

The Bonus Rounds of Pirate 2

Pirates 2 poker machine offer two ways to win in the bonus round and guarantees that players will come back to the game repeatedly. As mentioned above, three pirate coins allow you a chance to target one of the ships on your horizon for a chance and extra winnings. If you should discover the golden key however, it unlocks a second level of winning that makes playing at pirate a rewarding proposition. Once found, Stage 2 of the coin bonus round will show a parrot flying away with the golden key, and you will be responsible for guiding the bird to one of five treasure chests that can land you an impressive prize.

Pirate 2’s jackpot is an impressive 5,000 coins that makes the lack of free spins understandable from Igrosoft’s point of view. Moreover, scatter and wild symbols abound giving you the option of doubling your win with every spin. Pirates are treacherous though, and while you can double your wins, you could also lose it all with a turn of a card.

Concluding Thoughts

For online slot play, Igrosoft delivers a solid gaming experience and Pirate 2 is every bit as good as its predecessor, Pirates. What you lose in creative naming, you gain in a solid game that delivers a solid gaming experience.

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