Juicy Fruits Slot Game from Igrosoft

Today’s slot games have a ton of different themes ranging from TV shows and movies to ancient civilizations and temples. That wasn’t always true, though. When slot games first came about, they kept things simple with classic symbols like the bar, cherries, and the liberty bell.

The good news is that there are still some slot games that stick to the old-school symbols and design. Igrosoft makes some of these games, and the Juicy Fruits casino game is a perfect example. The symbols in this game are all good old-fashioned fruit—although some of them have faces. Don’t be fooled by the classic symbols and real slot machine look of this game, though; Juicy Fruits goes beyond the minimum for slot games by adding a bonus feature and the ability to double up after a winning spin.


Juicy fruits

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  • Getting Started

    Instead of the reels taking up the entire screen, the Juicy Fruits casino game looks like you’re playing on a real slot machine. The buttons on the bottom allow you to exit, view the instructions, select the number of active lines, change your bet, and spin. There is also a double button which will be discussed later.

    • Juicy Fruits has 5 reels and 3 rows, which means there are 15 symbols each spin
    • There are 9 paylines but you can only have an odd number active at once
    • You can bet between 1 and 25 credits per line for a total of 1 to 225 credits
    • There is no wild symbol in Juicy Fruits

    Features & Overview

    Perhaps the best part about Juicy Fruits is its incredible simplicity. The fact that the game looks like a slot machine with buttons makes it easy to navigate, and you don’t have to worry about lots of complicated settings. In fact, the game defaults to a bet of 1 credit with a single payline active through the center.

    The graphics and sounds in this game are definitely lacking, but it doesn’t take away from the gameplay too much. There are light sound effects when you spin the reels and when you win a prize. The graphics are a bit poorly done but the theme is nice and the strawberry swimming in a cocktail at the bottom of the screen adds a bit of an “island relaxation” feel.

    An autospin button would have been a nice addition, but it’s not a big deal since the reels spin so quickly anyway. You may also have a bit of trouble navigating the help pages at first. Instead of simply clicking the “Previous” and “Next” buttons, you actually have to use the “Line 1” and “Line 9” buttons at the bottom of the machine.

    Bonus Rounds

    The bonus features in the Juicy Fruits slot machine are rewarding but they don’t actually require too much input from you. There is one bonus round that’s triggered by three or more symbols as well as a double up feature.

    The Start Bonus triggers when you land three or more strawberry symbols on the reels. This bonus game looks sort of like a game board where one square on the outside is lit up. This light goes around the board until it stops on a spot. If it’s a regular symbol, it’s added to the reels in the center and gives you a prize. The game will end if it lands on exit once if you got three strawberries, twice if you got four, and three times if you got five.

    After each turn, you can double up. Select a line button at the bottom to choose a card. If it’s higher than the dealer’s, you win—if it isn’t, you lose.


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    The Final Verdict

    Juicy Fruits is a bit of a minimalist slot game, but it will satisfy your needs if you’re looking for something simple that goes beyond the standard three-reel, one-row slot machines of yesteryear. However, if you are looking for something that simple, the default one payline setting of Juicy Fruits will still get the job done.