Island Slot Review by Igrosoft

Igrosoft has been the leading Russian developer of software for slot machines since 1999. They have plenty of games and Island is just one of the many exciting slot machines. Island players get plunged in an exciting and adventurous story about one lost traveler. The sole goal for this traveler is to reach the island and step on the ground. The unfortunate traveler is slowly floating in his make shift boat. The slot game, Island was set in an unnamed tropical island in the middle of the ocean. The player is away from all civilization and their only worry is to keep their reels spinning until they can hit the jackpot. The slot game was designed to allow its players to escape their daily routines to a tropical paradise, virtually.

Island logo

How to play Island
In island, there are 9 bet lines and the player can bet up to 225 credits. However, they can only place a maximum of 25 credits per line. According to the rules of the game, all wins are usually added to previous wins and shown as credits. At the top left part of the screen, total bets are displayed. They are divided between the different lines that the player has chosen to bet on. With the lines buttons 1 to 9 the player can choose their bet lines. Each click increases the bet by one point. There is the option of using Max Bet that raises your bet to the highest position.
In summary;
• There are 9 bet lines
• Maximum credit per line is 25
• Max bet helps raise your bet to the highest possible

Main features or graphics
At the bottom of the screen there is the long bearded traveler wearing rags and floating on a log. There are symbols on the reels that are related to the maritime universe of the game. Symbols include; ship’s wheel, seagull, island image, message in a bottle, turtles and cans. The dolphin is a wild symbol that replaces any other symbol that the player can play. You can use the wild symbol in the formation of different combinations but it will all be in the favor of the player. The island symbol is a bonus symbol.

How to play the bonus rounds
Island has a bonus game like most slot machines. The bonus game usually starts on the individual screen once three bonus symbols appear. The traveler is on his make shift boat and there are five fins that can be seen as he makes his way on to the island. The player then has to choose the fins one by one in the hopes that they all belong to dolphins. If the player does this correctly, they will get considerable rewards. However, if they happen to choose a shark fin, the bonus round is over.
If the player makes the right choice five times they get a super bonus round. The super bonus round is referred to as Robinson’s breakfast. Once the super bonus round begins the character is on the island and in between two palm trees. On each of the palm tree hangs a piece of meat. One piece will guarantee the player a prize while the other piece is a trap. If you choose the right piece of meat you get a plate with the prize amount. This prize amount is added to the player’s total win. No matter what stage the player completes the bonus round, the credits are added to their account.
In summary;
• Choose fins that belong to a dolphin to get rewards
• Five correct fins earn you a super bonus round
• Player has to choose between two pieces of meat
• Choosing the right piece earns the player a prize

Island machine has an extremely simple interface with simple understandable controls. The colors and graphics are simple compared to modern standards but they do not irritate. It is a great game for those who love playing slot machines for free.

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