Fruit Cocktail Slot Game by Igrosoft

How do you like to relax? For some people, relaxation means spending a couple of hours at the spa. For others, relaxation is simply not having to deal with the responsibilities of day-to-day life. However, slot game players and casino lovers have a different idea of relaxation; it involves sitting down at a slot machine, spinning the reels, and maybe even enjoying a few cocktails while you’re at it.

If this sounds like your idea of a good time, you need to check out the Fruit Cocktail slot game from Igrosoft. This slot game has a simple look and feel to it that’s refreshing if you’re feeling bogged down by bonus features, and the cocktail theme makes it the perfect complement to a nice stiff drink after a long day of working.


Fruit Cocktail logo

Getting Started

From the moment you start Fruit Cocktail, you can tell it’s a simple slot game. The graphics are very cartoonish and minimlastic, and everything is easily accessible on screen. You have all of the settings you need, including buttons that allow you to make the game full screen or stretch it horizontally to fit the width of your monitor.

As far as the basics go, here’s what you need to know about the Fruit Cocktail casino game:

  • There are 3 reels and 5 rows
  • There are 9 paylines that can be toggled using the setting at the bottom of the game
  • The buttons in the top-right corner let you control the size of the game and the sounds
  • You can view the paytable by clicking the paytable button next to the lines setting

Features & Overview

As previously mentioned, Fruit Cocktail is one of those slot games that succeeds in part because of its simplicity. There isn’t a whole lot going on with this slot game, and that makes it a good game for people who are looking for a traditional experience. Your bet is only multiplied by 9 so the math is easy, and you can turn paylines off if you want to make things even simpler.

The Fruit Cocktail slot machine leaves something to be desired as far as graphics are concerned. It’s not that the symbols and board look bad, but they’re definitely not very detailed—especially when you compare them to other modern slot games.


Bonus Rounds

Fruit Cocktail may be a stunningly simple slot game, but it still has a couple of extra features to spice things up.

The first feature you need to know about is the gamble feature. After each winning spin, you will have the option of collecting your prize money or gambling it. If you choose to gamble your winnings, you will have a chance at doubling them. Simply choose one of 4 face-down cards in hopes of choosing a higher card than your dealer. If you win and your money is doubled, you will have the choice of doubling it again or collecting the money you’ve won.

The Strawberry bonus starts when you land more than 3 scattered strawberry symbols. This bonus is just like the one in Juicy Fruits; a random spot on a board-game style square is chosen. If the spot is an exit symbol, you lose a life. If it’s another symbol, you will win a prize. You get 1 life when you land 3 symbols, 2 lives when you land 4, and 3 lives when you land 5.

The Final Verdict

Fruit Cocktail is like other Igrosoft slot games in that it works because it’s so simple. Slots are supposed to be a break from the things you don’t enjoy doing, so there’s no point in turning slot games into a complicated task. Still, the Fruit Cocktail slot machine does a good job of giving you some bonus features to change things up. As long as you aren’t too worried about graphics and sound effects, you should definitely check this slot game out.

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