Crazy Monkey Slot Review by Igrosoft

Crazy monkey is a cheap and cheerful slot game developed by Igrosoft. The title of the game comes from an old fashioned video slot game that many long time players should be familiar with. The slot game is simple with bright colors and simple sketched icons combined with basic animations. The game follows a monkey with wild eyes through the jungle as they gather bananas and jump from trees. The reels of the game are against the backdrop of a jungle. There is grass in the backdrop and there are some odd flowers poking out from the side of the screen. The monkey appears from the reels as it rolls its eyes with a banana. In the end what happens on the reels is what counts in the game.

crazy monkey logo

How to play crazy monkey
Crazy monkey slot machine has five reels and only nine pay lines. The game is of even chances and the player has two bonus rounds. The player can make a maximum of 225 credits and the player could get credits of up to 5000. To play, the player chooses the line bet as well as the number lines. After clicking the start button the reels starts to spin. The winning lines then start being highlighted one by one and the indicators of the numbers start flashing. A line wins if they have at least three identical symbols. The payout for wining can either be collected or wagered for an opportunity to double it. If you wish to double your winnings you click on double. There will be five cards that come up on the new open window. The first card is face up and it is the dealer’s card and the player has to choose one card from the remaining four and hope that the card ranks higher than the dealers card. If this happens you double your score but if you lose you lose all wagered money.
• 5 reels and 9 lines
• Player has a maximum of 225 credits
• A line wins if there are three identical symbols
• There is an option to double winnings

Main features of the crazy monkey
Symbols on the reels include images of butterflies, pineapples, lions, snakes and bananas. There is a wild symbol in the game whose role is played by a scary African mask. The wild symbol replaces all symbols during formation of combinations. This is automatic and it is best for the player.


The bonus rounds
The monkey is the symbol for bonus round. However, it is not that direct. You will need to get three images to appear in the screen. When this happens, a bonus game is triggered but on an additional screen. The bonus game is on a beautiful meadow and the crazy monkey us standing under five hanging ropes. There are solid objects such as anvil, brick and banana tied at the end of each rope. The monkey pulls the different ropes and if he pulls a banana he eats it and the player earns some extra points. If other objects fall the bonus round is stopped. However, if you make a high bet the monkey wears a helmet and it will save it from being hit by the solid falling objects and the bonus round continues. If all the ropes are pulled there will be two banners with a question mark on them. The player will choose one and if they choose the right banner they points won are written on the banner. The points earned during the bonus and the supper bonus round are multiplied by the bet and then added to the players accounts.
Take away points;
• The player pulls ropes at the bonus round
• The super bonus round involves choosing between two banners

Crazy monkey is an extremely simple game with a simple interface and simple rules that one can play without much assistance. It is a simple game that almost anyone can enjoy playing.

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