Crazy Monkey 2 Created by Igrosoft

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Microsoft’s Crazy Monkey, Crazy Monkey 2 offers more fun than, well, a barrel full of monkeys. With five reels and nine pay lines, there’s plenty of opportunity for fun. Crazy Monkey 2 includes multiple wild symbols, bonus games, and plenty of pay-outs for lucky players. The crazy monkey chills at the bottom of the play screen, encouraging you as you spin, cheering for wins, and being just a bit when the reels don’t fall your way. With brightly colored animated symbols, a jackpot of 5000 coins, and cheery audio when you win. Crazy Monkey 2 is a bigger, more fun version of the original.

Playing Crazy Monkey 2 is fairly easy, once you’ve made yourself familiar with the symbols and play screen. There are no Vegas card symbols of low value, so you’ll want to brush up on which jungle characters have the highest payout. Players select how many lines they wish to play – 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 – from the sidebar to the left. The right-hand side has the “bet” button – it increases your wager by one credit.

  • First, choose your lines – the screen will light up your choices
  • Place your bet using either the “bet” or the “max bet” buttons
  • Autoplay is available if you choose
  • Track your status on the status bar at the top of the reels
  • The tribal mask acts as the wild, offering payouts up to 2000 credits when five land on an active play line
  • Wild symbol payout also can occur with a three and four match. Prizes are 100 and 500 credits, respectively


The graphics and sounds in Crazy Monkey 2 are bright and cheerful – and visually a large step up from the original. Nestled in the lush tropical forest is the Crazy Monkey, cheering on players as the spin reels framed by thatched bamboo. Some familiar symbols from the first game have returned to help players in their quest for the jackpot. Find a hypnotizing coiled snake, the Crazy Monkey Wild logo, and of course bananas! The gold skull has been retired, replaced with a slightly eerie Tribal mask. A vividly green tree frog is a new addition, as well as a bright red jungle mushroom. A delicate turquoise and violet tropical hummingbird and an eye-catching blue butterfly round out the collection.

The Tribal Mask acts as the game’s wild card, replacing every icon except for the monkey’s face. The monkey face is the “scatter symbol” – when it enters gameplay, players have an option to play the bonus rounds.


Bonus Rounds in Crazy Monkey 2 are launched when Crazy Monkey himself makes an appearance. When you hit a winner in the base game, you’ll have the opportunity to double your current balance. A “Risk” screen will appear, with the option to stay or return to the standard reels. If you choose to stay in the Risk screen, however, your wager is locked in. The cards that come into play may either sink your ship or give you a double multiplier.

  • Four playing cards appear before you in the bonus round
  • Choose one of the four to beat the dealer
  • If your card is higher, you’ll receive a double payout
  • Matching card values result in a draw
  • If your card is lower than the dealer’s you lose everything you just won

Although it’s a straightforward bonus, the element of chance, as well as the randomness of its appearance adds another level of excitement to the game.

When three monkey scatters appear, then the Crazy Monkey Bonus is activated. This will look familiar to those who have played Crazy Monkey. The monkey tugs on the ropes – if bananas fall, you’ll proceed to the next phase; if the poor monkey gets beaned by a heavy object, both you and he lose, and you’re back to the standard game. The second phase allows you to select a box for the monkey. You may or may not win the jackpot – but we’re not spoiling the surprise!

Crazy Monkey 2 gives fans of Crazy Monkey the cute gameplay they love, with better graphics, more jungle themed symbols, and a greater opportunity for bonuses and payouts. It’s definitely a great follow-up to Crazy Monkey

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