Unless you’re an online gambling enthusiast based out of Russia, it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of a software developer called Igrosoft. Based out of Moscow, the company has a long history during which they were more than competitive in the Russian market and appears to be content with their place in online slot gaming.

Aside from producing a fairly extensive catalog of online slots, Igrosoft is also responsible for a line of casino management systems for online casinos. Most of the casinos using Igrosoft software are fairly unknown properties and for this reason, we suggest you stick to the free play games until the software becomes more mainstream at well-known properties.

Where Can You Play Igrosoft Games?

Igrosoft is known for its popular online slot games, but this isn’t all the company does. In addition, it has created three popular arcade-style games, a handful of poker games and variations, racing games and more. Despite being a more established developer, since Igrosoft came up in the internet age, it has proudly focused its efforts on developing games with the internet in mind, unlike other developers established in the same time period.

You can play Igrosoft games below for free. All games are demo versions of the real money game and provide you with the opportunity to play without the need to download any software.

The History of Igrosoft

Igrosoft was established in Moscow almost two decades ago and hasn’t changed much during that time. Many of the studio’s games look dated, which are part of their charm and may be a reason why Igrosoft products are so popular in the Russian market. With that being said, the company’s website hints at a slow decline in business. For example, the “news” section of the site appears to be untouched in recent years, and the studio hasn’t made any new products for a while, to our knowledge.

Popular Igrosoft Games

Although many of the studio’s games have become popular in Russian online gambling circles, none have reached the level of commercial success as the company’s biggest game, Crazy Monkey. Here is a breakdown of Crazy Monkey, as well as a few other selected Igrosoft titles.

Crazy Monkey

A 5-reel slot with 9 fixed paylines, Crazy Monkey gives slot enthusiasts a classic slot gaming experience. 2-dimensional cartoon graphics and a very traditional set of reel sound effects eschew the sophistication seen in new, 3-D games with stunning graphics and tons of bells and whistles, with a modern soundtrack.

That being said, it only takes a few spins to see why this game is so popular in the country where it was created. The game mechanics are simple, and the premise is timeless. A cartoon monkey sits at the bottom of the screen, directing the action as the player sets in motion the spin of the reels by pressing the start button. The game has a feature where players can risk their winnings after a spin that hits on one of the paylines, with a simple gambling game: the screen has one card faced up and four faced down. The dealer picks a one from the face-down cards, and if the card is higher than the card facing up, the player doubles their winnings. This can be played endlessly until the player loses.

Another feature of Crazy Monkey that gives it its cult following by Russian gamblers is the bonus feature, in which the monkey from the title stands under 5 ropes. The player clicks on one of the rope and something falls on the monkeys head from the area. Bananas win the player coins, and a brick ends the mini-game.


Less popular than Crazy Monkey but still popular in Russia, Gnome is a simple slot game. When playing it, you’ll realize why Igrosoft games need to have such a variation in themes: the game mechanics are essentially the same between games. The differences in Gnome are with the premise — the game revolves around a gnome that mines for gems in the earth — and the bonus game.

The bonus game in Gnome involves the title character standing under a track with 5 mine carts on it. 4 of the carts have gems in them, while one is full of sludge. The players choose carts, revealing the contents of each one. With each successive gem revealed, the prize increases, but the game is over when the chosen cart pours sludge on the head of the gnome below.

The Bottom Line

Igrosoft has built a modest empire in Russia by doing what it does well and not becoming over-ambitious. The result has been an entertaining catalogue of slot games, all following the same basic mechanics with fun, cartoonish graphics and premises that make them all seem different.