Vivaldi’s Seasons Slot

Behind Mozart and Beethoven, Vivaldi is one of the best known composers of the classical music genre around. His best known work is called ‘The Four Seasons’, which has separate (and instantly recognizable) movements for winter, spring, summer and autumn. This real money online slot is based on this work, and does include some stirring classical music – which occurs when you hit wins and during the free spins bonus game.

The distinctive feature in this game is the ‘super stacked’ reels. Stacked symbols refers to reels which have the same symbol many times in a row. When the game is set up this way you will often get all 3 spots on one or more reel with the same symbol – creating multiple wins. Super-stacks takes this one step further, with long lines of symbols on each reel. What you will find with Vivaldi’s Seasons is that you will sometimes get the entire 5×3 grid covered in the same symbol. This not only triggers all 40 win-lines at once, it will also get you a burst of classical music and a special animation to go with it.

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Vivaldi’s Seasons Slot Gameplay

2 symbols in a row from the left is sometimes enough to trigger a win in this game – though the individual line wins are actually quite small. While those 15 to 50 coin extras are welcome (they keep your bankroll ticking over nicely after all), the biggest payouts come when you fill a lot of the screen with the same symbol.

The main symbols you will want to see are 4 beautifully designed pictures of ladies. These represent the 4 seasons very effectively – both in the background (flowers, fire / sunshine, white jewels and so on) and in the demeanor of the ladies themselves.

Winter is worth the most. This dark haired lady with white jewels nets you 50 coins for 5 on a line – or 2000 coins if you completely fill the reels. Spring is next at 40 coins for 5, then autumn (fall) at 30 and summer at 20. Winter and Spring pay from just 2 on a line, while autumn and summer require a minimum of 3. There are also playing card symbols ace down to 10 on the reels, which also come super-stacked.

There is a wild symbol, which has a big payout of its own and will also make up many more wins by substituting for any of the regular symbols. This is the Vivaldi’s Seasons logo. If you land 5 wilds on a line this is worth a generous 1000 coins.


Bonus Free Spins Round

There is one more symbol on the reels, a logo which says ‘Free Games’. You will not see this often. Unlike many slots there are not many ‘near misses’ for the free games. Instead you’ll be enjoying the game and suddenly the middle 3 reels will be filled with the 9 free games logos which are needed to trigger your bonus round.

First of all you will need to pick one of the free game symbols, which will reveal which of the seasons becomes even more super-stacked for your free spins round. You then continue with the game, where you’ll enjoy 7 free spins. Classical music will play continuously during this bonus. You’ll usually receive a lot more wins, especially involving your extra super-stacked symbol, these are totaled up at the bottom of your screen. This particular free spins game does not have a re-trigger – so you’ll head back to the main game after 7 spins.

How the Vivaldi’s Seasons Slot is Setup

The base of this game is a standard 5 reel video slot; each reel having 3 rows of symbols with a total of 40 win-lines crossing from the left to the right. You can adjust the number of lines (in increments of 10) and the amount you bet on each coin. I recommend sticking with all 40 lines, as this gets the biggest benefit from the super-stacked symbols. You can bet from 1c per line all the way to $10 per line for a $400 per spin maximum!

I like the graphics for this game. The ladies representing the seasons are excellent. When you hit 3 complete reels in a row with the same symbol, you will see a larger version covering the 9 squares – along with classical music to celebrate your win. There are other animations including leaves and snow drifting across the reels.  Around the reels the design shows ice on the right and a summer scene on the left.

Like all High 5 games, this slot is silent between spins. When you do spin you’ll get the computer generated sounds which all slots in their portfolio share. It is when the wins or bonus round come in that Vivaldi’s Seasons comes into its own, with bursts of stirring music.

I enjoyed this slot, and will be back to play it again for sure. Why not add a little culture to your life while you gamble – and check out Vivaldi’s Seasons slot for yourself!

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