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“Journey to the West” might be one of China’s great novels, first published in the 16th century, but you don’t actually have to be familiar with this epic tale to fall in love with High 5 Games’ West Journey: Treasure Hunt 3 slot. The story follows the adventures of a monk named Xuanzang and his three guardians named Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy in this game. The long road is winding and it veers quite a bit from the original tale, so don’t expect to come away from your game feeling like an expert in Chinese literature of the Ming Dynasty.

It will, however, hopefully bestow upon you some mighty coin as you search for enlightenment in this 5-reel, 40-payline online slot game. The scatters aren only moderately powerful, so the initial gameplay is paced a little slower than other games but good things come to those who possess Buddha-like patience.

Bet from four cents to $400 to vary your gameplay, and set your paylines yourself for maximum customization. You’ll know you’ve won when you see the characters do their little animated dance. It’s a small thing but something that really stands out in this zenned-out game.

West Journey Treasure Hunt

Elevate your gameplay

The mountainous regions of India hide many treasures but you should first know when to play, what to look for, and how much risk is involved if you want to elevate your coin count or earn a sack full of free spins. Win in the base game by making combinations of 3, 4 or 5 symbols. Enter Sandy, Pigsy or Monkey into any of those combinations and watch your winnings multiply by 18. The hero scatter of Xuanzang in the combination is a 40x multiplier and the West Journey logo scatter is a mammoth 50x multiplier.

Wilds are marked by the word “wild” and they can help you out with combinations by substituting for anything but a scatter. Line up five wilds and you will multiply your line bet by 500x, something that didn’t happen to us while playing but it made things more exciting those times we did bet all 40 paylines.

Super Stacks and scatters

Take a slightly riskier path on your journey and your winning potential increases as well. Land the shield scatter on reels 2, 3 and 4 to trigger the initial free games bonus of 8 free games. If the wild or character scatters appear on three or more consecutive reels, a 2x to 8x prize multiplier will be applied to all prize-lines that contain that symbol.

Pick a scatter in the Super Stacks bonus feature and it will turn into stacks of that symbol during free games. This symbol will replace all stacked symbols before a spin. Reels that are stacked with the same image will all merge and display a larger version of that image which helps keep the board looking tidy, so those lucrative multiple wins roll in unhindered. The bonus cannot be re-triggered while in play. Super Stacks are a little risky but when you’re on an epic adventure like this one you have to make some big decisions. This feature boosted the length of our games more than once, making us feel like we got some real value from this game. Unfortunately, in order for this special feature to kick in, the combination must start from the very first reel or must include at least one wild.

The bottom line

With a wide variety of betting options this game is geared at a wide variety of players. The theme might present uncharted territory for you but if you trust the game enough to forge on your winnings could be epic. Winning combinations start between five and 25 coins) but in time they proved to ramp up in speed and value for us.

As always, High 5 picks a subject and nails it. West Journey: Treasure Hunt 3 slot machine game may be based on a Buddhist’s epic journey but High 5 definitely made a game that speaks to the world in the universal language of coins, bonuses and jackpots. If you’ve never heard of “Journey to the West” or the Monkey King before, playing this game may just get you surfing Google to learn more.

The game captures something that many games fail to and that is a balance of beauty, strength, and narrative. Often, when iconic cultural tomes are translated into a pop culture form they don’t retain all three qualities but this game does which makes it something that we can’t wait to re-visit again and again.

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