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As the adage goes, all women want one thing: a man who is tall, rich, and handsome. Or, at least, they do in China, where the expression originates. The name of a popular mainland television program, this slot machine seeks to embody everything a woman could want in her spouse.

The TV show in question featured a man whose name translated to “tall, rich, and handsome,” leading to his intense desirability to the women he encountered. In a cheeky effort to capitalize on these desires, game developer High 5 Games created a video slot about this very concept. Fans and players from around the world can delight in the opportunity to win money with the appearance of a striking gentleman.

Featuring images from the television show interspersed with Chinese characters, anyone seeking the unattainable will find themselves right at home with this slot. If you indeed like your men tall, rich, and handsome, or if you like to win large sums of money, you’ll fit right in as well. Available on mobile and desktop devices in both paid and free formats, it’s possible to look for your ideal man anywhere, any time.

Tall Rich Handsome

Playing Tall, Rich & Handsome

As soon as game play begins, you’ll know you’re looking at a Chinese-inspired creation. The background is pale purple with wisps of clouds and an outlined cityscape, and the characters on the cards are all written in Chinese. As an English speaker, or for anyone who isn’t bilingual, these characters can be hard to decipher. Luckily, knowing what’s on the reels isn’t as important as their positioning, and winning here is just as easy as in other video slots.

The sound effects are reminiscent of a Chinese game show and the slot action is less crisp and fluid than it is in other games, adding a cartoonish quality to each spin. As with most High 5 Games, the graphics are high quality and the music rises and falls with the action of the game.

The bet amount can be accessed at the bottom left, and, like other High 5 Games options, goes beyond a simple bet. Players can choose both the number of paylines, ranging in increments between 3 and 99, and pay amounts per line. This allows players to control volatility, providing a great opportunity for gamblers who would rather be a little conservative while on the hunt for a gentleman friend. Don’t confuse paylines with likelihood to win, however: some of the lower quantities make paylines easier to hit.

As with most video slots, winning requires lining up three or more of the same symbols. When your spin is a winner, the payline or lines light up, showing you immediately where you succeeded. While all characters can provide a winner, lining up the eligible bachelors is your best bet. All the men offer benefits, with multipliers up to 500x for the the pilot. When a spin wins, the men on the reels begin to move, dancing with a new female companion.

The Wild symbol is the only one that features a woman, showing her sitting with all four of the bachelors. The Wild can serve as a substitute for any other symbol, as there is no Scatter in this game. It is available across reels two, three, four, and five.

Bonus Features

All shows have twists and turns, and slots based on television shows do as well. Tall, Rich & Handsome has some great bonus features that make the admittedly strange theme wholly worthwhile.

Possibly the most unique aspect of this slot is the tumbling reels option. In most slots, reels stay put once a spin is complete, but this game goes outside the norm. With this feature in play, winning lines react very differently than most players will expect.

Instead of moving on to the next spin after a winning combination, the symbols involved disappear and are replaced with a woman waiting for a phone call within a heart. In some cases, the woman will answer the phone, awarding the player extra credits. After some comical sound effects, the hearts break and disappear as well. Then, the symbols above the vacant spaces drop down to fill them. New symbols then filter down from the top. If the addition of new symbols triggers new wins along the paylines, the sequence will repeat. In essence, winning once provides the opportunity to win again without spending money on a spin. When there are no more winning combinations, game play will continue as normal.

Tumbling reels happen often – with every winning spin – but the second bonus feature is a lot less common. Line up three Free Spin symbols in a row along a payline to win two or three free spins to start. This symbol is only available on reels two, three, and four, making this feat harder than it sounds. Should you accrue any Free Spin symbols throughout your free spins, you will win additional spins.

The Bottom Line

For those who favor eye candy, Tall, Rich & Handsome can be a great slot indeed. Featuring professional heartthrobs, including doctors, musicians, pilots, and businessmen, who can provide you with riches of your own, there’s a lot to love about what lies on these slots.

However, if you’re not a lover of the television program or enamored with attractive men, there are elements here that can be hard to overlook. The Chinese characters, for example, aren’t always easy to differentiate for those who do not know the language, making it challenging to understand winning paylines.

This aside, there’s a lot to be had here, regardless of theme. The ability to choose paylines and bet amounts per line is a fan favorite in many High 5 Games slots, and with up to 99 paylines, the chances to win are immense. The bonus features only add to this, providing a great way to score big without a big investment.

Whether you love tall, rich, handsome men or you just like to win, this slot has a little something for everyone.

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