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No village is free from the threat of danger. When assassins are lurking in the mountains around your town, however, the only response is to fight back.

Armed with swords of steel and kimonos of silk, these daring warrior women aren’t going to let just anyone take away their treasure. An army of thieves may be waiting in the wings, but with the right combination of spins, you can defeat the soldiers one by one while scoring a little reward for yourself in the process.

If you’d like to take part in this epic struggle, Silk and Steel can put you in the heart of the action. A new release by software developer High 5 Games, this ancient Chinese battle gives you the perfect way to put your skills to the test. Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices in both free and paid versions, the fight of your life is available whenever you’re ready.



Playing Silk and Steel

Set in a beautiful village deep within the mountains of China, the backdrop for Silk and Steel slot is lovely, featuring craggy rocks, lush greenery, and deep, cloudy skies. The music is soft and lilting, picking up speed as the spinning reels slow to a stop. During winning spins, a fanfare plays, signaling your success as your payout racks up.

The symbols, laid out over five reels and three rows, are ornate and Asian-inspired, perfect for the high intensity mood of this slot. The playing card symbols are made from yards of silk wound with knives, while the female warriors appear on intricate backgrounds, wearing brightly colored kimonos and waving swords and daggers of steel. The soldier men are stern and aggressive, poised to lunge for the treasures they seek.

Like many High 5 Games productions, players have the ability to set both bet per line and the number of paylines available. Paylines range from 1 to 40 with bets extending from $0.01 to $10.00 for total bet amounts between $0.01 and $400. If you’re ready to fight aggressively, a big bet is possible; if you’re not, adjust bet amounts, paylines, or both to lower your risk.

As you spin the reels, the battle begins. Wins start at three of a kind for all symbols, ranging from 1x for three fives to 55x for five female warriors. Male soldiers rank in the middle, with possibilities ranging from 7x to 25x. These multipliers are fairly low, especially compared to other available games, but with the potential for low bet amounts, you can win big without sacrificing your entire balance. When you manage to hit multiple combinations with the same symbols, the warriors will spring to life, slashing the screen while leaves fall.

The Wild symbol is extremely visible, featuring the world “Wild” on a geometric pattern, and is available across all five reels. The Wild can replace any symbol on the board, including bonus squares, giving you a great way to add to your winnings. Two of a kind offers a nice 10x multiplier, while five of a kind provides 1,500x, the best combination in the game.

The Scatter symbol is the map scroll, giving you the power to sneak up on your foes unannounced. Available on reels two, three, and four, the more you see, the more you’ll win.

Battle Your Way to the Top

Logistics matter in both battle and video slots. If you want to get a jump on your enemy – or rake in the riches – you need a great plan in place.

In Silk and Steel, X marks the spot with the map Scatter symbol. If you can line up 12 across the three reels, you’ll have the chance to spin for free in Free Spin Mode. Seven free spins are available, using the same bet amounts and paylines as in regular play. The reels are slightly different, however, and more free spins can’t be accrued during Free Spin Mode. Once your free spins are up, standard play resumes.

Super Stacks can amplify the game play experience as well, providing another way to maximize your jackpots. On certain spins, warriors will replace other symbols, creating the chance to hit multiple paylines for enormous wins.


The Bottom Line

Silk and Steel has a gorgeous setting, great graphics, and big potential. The concept is creative, throwing you into a beautiful Asian battle with the prospect of a big payout while warriors dance across the reels.

The ability to control both bet amounts and paylines is a great opportunity to mitigate risks, making this game great for both new players and die hard gamblers alike. More spins than not will be winners, but multipliers are rather low, making it a little harder to score truly big wins. There’s only one opportunity for bonus wins, and while free spins are desired, this Free Spin Mode is lacking multipliers or other bonuses that guarantee big money.

Despite the downsides, there’s still a lot to like here. If you’re looking for a good game, a great theme, and a low level of risk, Silk and Steel deserves a spot in your lineup.

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