Red Cliffs Slots Machine

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Reels: 5
Paylines: 40
Developer: IGT

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If you’re ready to do battle, the Red Cliffs video slot is ready for you.

Named for the earth-pounding Battle of Red Cliffs, also known as the Battle of Chibi, a deadly war that took place in the winter of 208 and into 209 at the end of the Han Dynasty of China, this slot is designed to encapsulate the rush of marching into battle.

The Battle of Red Cliffs was waged between Southern warlords and underdogs Liu Bei and Sun Quan and Northern forces led by Cao Cao. Despite Cao Cao’s superior preparations, Liu Bei and Sun Quan successfully protected the bank of the Yangtze River, a move that eventually led to the creation of Shu Han and Eastern Wu, two states within Southern China. In all, the battle is known for being one of the largest naval fights in history, and a decisive contribution to the future of the nation.

If this premise wasn’t exciting enough alone, an epic Chinese language cinematic recreation was released in 2008, simply called Red Cliff. The film provides a stunning yet slightly inaccurate interpretation of the intense battle and was released in two parts across China and much of Asia. It was immensely well received and broke numerous records, including the box office record previously held by Titanic. Anyone interested in the film should watch the 4-hour Chinese version and not the 2.5-hour US version, which doesn’t make much sense due to the edits.

Whether you’re a fan of the movie, a history buff, or simply a lover of good war stories, Red Cliff is an exciting video slot that can keep you on your toes for hours. Created by IGT and High 5 Games, this casino-themed reenactment of a legendary war provides the thrill of the fight without a need for armor. Players can enjoy a dynamic experience on both desktop and mobile devices with paid and free slot options available.

Playing Red Cliffs Slot

Ready for battle? Good – let’s get started. Set in a Chinese inspired-temple with a tinkling soundtrack that rises and falls as action occurs, you’ll find yourself right in the heart of battle upon your first spin.

Red Cliffs is set up like many other video slots, featuring five reels and three rows. However, from here, things get interesting.

In this game, players can choose both bet amounts and the number of paylines in play. Bets start at $.01, the equivalent of $.01 for one payline, and extend to $10.00 per line for 40 paylines for a total of $400. This is one of the largest variations among standard video slots, giving players a fast and highly customizable way to adjust the game for risk tolerance. This way, players can change bet amounts as well as payout probability, offering a truly dynamic way to enhance the playing experience.

Payline options are limited to one, 10, 20, 30, and 40, with each line illuminated on the screen when you make your selection. These features can be adjusted throughout the game, allowing you to alter the playing field as you see fit. Despite these additional options, however, jackpots are not progressive.

Bets are adjustable at the bottom left, while the spin button is at the bottom right. A click gets the game started, spinning reels covered in playing card symbols, armed warriors, gold dragons, and jade dragons. Hit at least three of a kind of any symbol across one of your chosen paylines and get ready to win. How often you win will depend on the paylines you have selected, but don’t think more is always better: some of the lower numbers have simple, straightforward paylines that are a breeze to nab.

The Wild symbol is a Red Cliffs logo, which appears across all five reels. As in most games, Wilds can replace any symbol in a winning combination besides Scatter symbols. The Scatter in this game is not just one symbol, but five. It’s not as valuable in regular game play as it is once free spins are triggered, but hitting one across your paylines will provide a 1x multiplier. The more you get, the higher your winnings will be.

Special Features on the Red Cliffs Slots Machine

Much like the twists and turns of battle, Red Cliffs offers many secrets once the reels get rolling.

The Collection Bonus is certainly among the top attractions to this slot, giving players the ability to score huge wins with a single lucky spin. Triggered by nine golden dragons across reels three, four, and five, the Collection Bonus offers seven free spins. While free spins are an excellent bonus in themselves, this isn’t all the free spins have to offer.

Throughout your free spins, you’ll have the opportunity to collect the five aforementioned Scatter symbols: the water holder, the sun dial, the scroll, the vase, and the armor. Collect all five and you will get seven more free spins, up to 28 total. If you collect all five in your last seven spins, there’s a bonus of 10x your total winnings throughout the free games. Collect between two and five in your free spins and you’ll be awarded a multiplier along the winning paylines. No matter how you do, there’s big money to be had here.

The fun during the free spins doesn’t stop there, though: there’s one other secret in store. The Super Stacks feature, a form of stacked or expanded Wilds functionality, can also come into play when a golden dragon occurs across paylines. This can increase the possibility of a big payout, enhancing the capabilities possible within the action-packed free spin mode.

The Bottom Line

This exciting game is fast paced with high stakes, giving gamblers from all walks of life a way to bet it all. The ability to choose both paylines and bet amount per line is a unique feature not seen in many competitors, providing an easy way for players to adjust risk levels accordingly. Bonuses are big, with many ways to win, no matter how the number of paylines in use or what bet amount you choose.

The Battle of Red Cliff may seem like a strange topic for a game, but based on its popularity, the Red Cliffs video slot has a lot in store for lucky gamblers. Fight your way to the top like Liu Bei and Sun Quan, and fill your wallet while doing so!

Want to play Red Cliffs in person? A physical video slot machine is available in the Resorts Online Casino in New Jersey.

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