Oba Carnaval Slots Game

If you have the desire to get into the party atmosphere, Oba Carnival might just be the ideal slot. This High 5 Games design takes you to the streets of Brazil, where dancing girls, musicians and fire eaters create the carnival atmosphere, as drums and whistle pierce the air.

You might think you are seeing double at times though, as the slot offers the split symbol system, where you’ll find two images on a single symbol at times, these counting twice when it comes to wins – making for a slot where a 10 in a row win is possible, despite there only being 5 reels.

o carnval

Oba Carnival Gameplay

At first glance, this looks much like any other five reel slot, with the usual three symbols on show for each of the reels. However one look at the pay table and you’ll realize this is no normal slot at all. This is due to the split symbol format which is used for the five main symbols – the dancing girl, the drummer, the fire eater, the drum itself and the maracas. These symbols will appear either on their own, or show two images within the symbol, each image counting towards the payout table. Landing five split images on a pay line and you’ll gain the top prize for 10 in a row.

These wins come along when landing consecutive symbols from left to right on a pay line, there being a total of 30 pay lines at Oba Carnival (although you do have the option of playing any number between 1 and 30). The dancing girl is the most valuable symbol of all, worth an impressive 2,500 coins for hitting the maximum 10, while the other four central symbols all pay 1,000 coins for the same ten. Joining these symbols are the playing card letters A, K and Q as well as the number 5, these symbols not being split, so offer their top payout for just 5 in a row.

The wild symbol, which shows the word ‘wild’ surrounded by colorful streamers, will substitute for any other on the reels apart from the scatter.  This wild will represent a split symbol when possible, ensuring that many more, larger wins come your way. The wild is also the highest paying at the entire game, as landing the maximum five in a row will win you a particularly eye catching 10,000 coins.

During play you’ll find a number of handy options. The ‘replay’ option is a feature of all High 5 Games offerings, where you can watch any spin again – great if you’d hit that super big win. The auto play allows you to enjoy 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 spins while you sit back and enjoy the carnival, the mute button allows you to toggle the sound on and off, while the info button brings up all the info you’ll need to play the slot, including pay tables and feature rules.

This slot certainly cannot be missed, as there is a mass of color throughout. The border to the slot shows plants, flowers and spotlights, which really sets the scene. The reels themselves are backed with dark blue, while a colorful pattern weaves its way through the symbol. As you might imagine, the dancing girl, the musician and the fire eaters are bedecked in over the top, bright outfits and this, in combination with the accompanying sound does a great job of bringing the theme to life.

Oba Carnival Bonus Feature

The final symbol at Oba Carnival is a golden mask in a frame and this is the scatter. Like the five central symbols this one can be split on occasions too and these split symbols can help to activate the feature. The scatter only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and if you can land two split symbols and a single one on these reels you’ll win 6 free games, while landing three split symbols on these reels will win you the maximum 12 free spins. These free spins take place on a different set of reels, promising more profitable spins than you’ll find during the base game.

Oba Carnival Conclusion

Oba Carnival is exactly the type of slot you’ll want to play if you want to get in a good mood – a couple of spins and you’ll be straight into the festival atmosphere. The gameplay is good too, as the split symbol system offers something a little different, where you’ll be hoping for that big 10 in a row win. Whether the game has longer lasting appeal is open to question, as the feature is a little too similar to the base game, which makes for a slight lack of variety of times, but this is certainly a game that will fill an hour or two perfectly.

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