The Mighty Atlas Slot by High 5 Games

Atlas was one of the second-generation of Titans and led them into a rebellion against Zeus. The Titans would be defeated and Zeus condemned Atlas to stand at the western edge of the earth and hold up the heavens to his shoulders, therefore preventing the earth and the heavens meeting.

Atlas, as the title character, is the top paying one on the reels and is joined by Zeus and two beautiful female goddesses.  Super Stacks is a particular feature of this slot game where one particular symbol will dominate the reels, while you’ll find a unique free spins bonus round, where some nice instant wins can come your way.

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The Mighty Atlas Slot Gameplay

The Mighty Atlas is a very distinctive looking slot; the backdrop to the reels is a light blue colored stone which will certainly remind you of the sky. This catches the eye immediately, as will all of the characters on the reels. Firstly there is Atlas himself, who stands with the heavens on his shoulders, with large chains around his neck. He is joined by Zeus, with long white hair and a flowing white beard, standing arms crossed, a judgmental look on his face. Joining the two famed characters, you’ll find two goddesses, a beautiful blonde dressed in green who has her fists ready for a fight, and a stunning brunette, who, like Atlas, is bound in chains. These central characters all feature impressive animations when forming part of a win, Atlas the most impressive of all.

One thing you’ll notice when playing is that the reels can be dominated by an individual symbol, this due to the Super Stacks system. Before each spin, one particular symbol is selected at random and this will fill all of the mystery symbol slots, meaning that the symbol will be stacked highly across many of the reels. This selected symbol will regularly fill reels completely, promising some spins where a large proportion, if not all, of the pay lines actually pay out.

Wins will come along when you can land three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on a pay line. The highest paying symbol on the reels is the wild, which shows the title of the slot. As well as substituting for any other symbol apart from the scatter, you’ll win a hugely impressive 1,000 coins for the maximum five in a row. Atlas himself pays 50 coins for five in a row, while Zeus and the two female goddesses both pay 25 coins for the maximum five. The playing card letters and numbers from 10 to Ace complete the standard symbols on the reels. The payout amounts might seem a little small in comparison to some other slots, but the Super Stacks feature more than makes up for this as the wins will come thick and fast.

Despite the presence of gods, titans and goddesses, the slot is actually played out on something of a standard 5×3 configuration. There are a total of 40 pay lines, these 40 set as the default amount, although you can opt to play 30, 20, 10 lines or even just a single line. The minimum stake for each line is just 1c, with a maximum of $10.

One handy option you’ll find at The Mighty Atlas slot is the ‘replay’ where you can watch any spin again – a particularly good option when the Super Stacks work their magic and you’ve got a big win on your hands. You’ll also find an auto play option, a mute button to toggle the sound on and off and an info button to bring up the game rules and the pay table.

The Mighty Atlas Slot Bonus Feature

The final symbol on the reels is a golden globe and this acts as the scatter. To activate the feature you’ll need to land this so it completely fills reels 2, 3 and 4, this only possible when the scatter is selected as the Super Stacked symbol. Above the reels you’ll find three meters displaying a payout amount next to images of Zeus and the two goddesses. Land any of these three symbols in the center of reel 3 and you’ll win the payout amount, as well as see the relevant payout amount increase. Land Atlas in the center of reel 3 and you’ll win all of the payouts, as well as seeing all of the payout amounts increase.


The Mighty Atlas Slot Conclusion

This High 5 Games designed is a solid, enjoyable game. The base game is made much more entertaining than usual due to the Super Stacks feature, meaning any spin can be potentially huge. However, it’s the free spins bonus feature that really makes the game, a unique one where the payouts can quickly rise when the right symbol hits the middle of reel 3.

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