Madame Monarch Slots Game

The name ‘Madame Monarch’ refers to the main character of the slot, which has the head and body of a female and the wings of a Monarch butterfly. Unlike in the film ‘The Fly’, this human-insect combination actually works without any particular side effects.  Alongside Madame Monarch you’ll find a number of other butterflies on the reels, although not being an expert on butterflies, I shall call them green, red, yellow and blue. This particular game makes use of the split symbols system, where you might two images within a symbol counting as two when it comes to the pay table, meaning that it’s possible to land ten in a row, despite it being a 5 reel slot.

m monarch

Madame Monarch Slot Gameplay

This H5G designed slot is set against the backdrop featuring green plants and red berries on the banks of a pond, with Monarch butterflies flying their way through the leaves. Although the slot is very green, the reels have a particularly dark backing, the color of the butterfly symbols providing a nice contrast. Overall the game has something of a fantasy feel, which is only added to by the excellent fairy tale like soundtrack to the game, which is at its best when you’ve landed a win.

These wins come along when you can land three or more consecutive symbols on a pay line from left to right. The game has a total of 40 pay lines and all these are in play when you first play the slot, but you can opt to play just 30, 20, 10 or even just a single pay line. Landing ten in a row of the red butterfly and Madame Monarch will both pay you 200 coins, while the blue, yellow and green butterflies will pay you 175, 150 and 125 coins for the same ten in a row. Alongside the butterflies you’ll find the playing card letters and numbers from 10 to Ace, these symbols not being split, so they offer a top payout for just 5 in a row.

The game makes use of a super stacks system where one particular symbol will be picked at random before each spin and this symbol will fill much of the reels. This means that you might gain a great number of wins with just one spin as it is entirely feasible that the same symbol will fill a number of reels completely.

The wild symbol is a blue flower in a bubble and will substitute for any other at the slot apart from the scatter. When substituting for one of the butterfly symbols, it can be split, therefore counting as 2 symbols towards the pay table. This wild can come in very handy in conjunction with the super stacked symbol, although the best case scenario is when the super stacked symbol is the wild itself, promising some even larger payouts. The wild is actually also the highest paying symbol on the reels, with a payout of 400 coins if landing 5 in a row.

The game has some particularly good options. Firstly you have the auto play, which you can set to run for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 spins while you sit back and enjoy the butterfly experience. You can also watch any big winning spin again due to the replay option, this an option found at all of the High 5 Games range. Finally you have the info button which brings up all of the payouts and the rules of the following feature.

Madame Monarch Feature

The only symbol not mentioned so far is the free games one, which handily has the word ‘free games’ emblazoned across it. This is strictly a scatter symbol, but to land the feature you’ll need this to fill reels 2, 3 and 4 completely – this only possible when the scatter is selected as the Super Stacks symbol. When landing the feature you’ll have 7 free spins. The gameplay during the free spins is no different to the base game and this might prove a little disappointing to some – although the fact that they are free spins is always nice.

Madame Monarch Conclusion

The Madame Monarch slot should be applauded for an original idea – name another slot which features a butterfly lady? The slot is an interesting and slightly unique one, with the Super Stacked symbols and split symbols, ensuring that the slot stays interesting throughout. Madame Monarch will particularly appeal to those who enjoy a slot with an aspect of fantasy, the sound and visuals drawing you in.

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