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Nerds, hot women, and love potion: what more could a slot need?

If you’re a little confused, that’s okay; Love U Slot Machine’s theme is a bit strange, but the potential to score big is well worth it. Starring the lovable Nigel the Nerd, a science geek unable to win the heart of a beautiful woman by himself, the goal of this slot is to attract a hottie through the magic of an irresistible love potion.

In this exciting game by High 5 Games, you have the chance of a lifetime to win over the girl and fill your wallet, a winning combination no man could reject. Available on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, the Love U video slot puts you within constant reach of big love and big money.

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Playing Love U

The ultimate nerd’s fantasy, Love U slot game is proof that nice guys can finish first, albeit with a little creativity.

Set in a science classroom complete with a clipboard, test tubes, and scientific equipment, you’re given everything you need to concoct a love potion of your own. The slot itself is on a blackboard backdrop, featuring collegiate-inspired symbols like card symbols in a varsity-esque font, bubbling beakers, snapshots of lovely ladies, and even Nigel himself. The soundtrack is bouncy and spirited, bursting with optimism and youthful exuberance as the reels spin by.

With big love comes big potential; with 50 paylines and bets of up to $10 each, you can lay it all on the line for the chance at a date. Not comfortable with such a large bet? That’s okay: both paylines and bets are adjustable, with payline increments ranging between 1 and 50 and bets between $0.01 and $10. Choose your risk level, and get ready to play!

The Spin button is on the bottom right, and winnings start at three of a kind. How much you win depends on where your reels land, with three Jacks bringing in your lowest score at 5x your bet. The bodacious babes are best in multiples; each girl can appear up to three times per reel, offering the potential to land 15 of a kind across one payline. If you’re lucky enough in love, you’ll grab a huge 4,000x multiplier.

Nigel can also appear up to three times per reel, but he’s worth even more: a cool 10,000x multiplier for 15 of a kind. When he’s a winner, his love potion will go to work, transforming this square into a stone cold stud. Jackpots aren’t progressive, but with so many multipliers, you won’t care at all.

The Wild symbol in Love U slots machine takes the form of a stylized bubble heart and can replace any character on the board except the Scatter. However, this Wild is something special: instead of standing in for a single symbol, it can do more. For the girls, beakers, and Nigel, Wilds are worth three symbols; for playing cards, they’re worth one. The Scatter is the atom symbol, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Learn How to Love

If 15 girls across a single payline sounds like a lot to love, you’re correct. However, there’s even more fun in store for you with a few lucky spins.

The atom symbol Scatter has the potential to unlock extra wins when it shows up across your reels. Four or more triggers free spins, with four providing seven free games and five awarding 15. Free games are a great reward in themselves – after all, it gives you a chance to take advantage of big wins without spending a cent – but Nigel has something special up his sleeve.

Throughout your free spins, you’ll also have the chance to collect green atom symbols. These won’t win you much during your spins, but they’ll provide something special at the end, offering multipliers between 1x and 20x for your total winnings during the free spin rounds.

Free Spin mode is the only true bonus opportunity in Love U casino game, as there are no other mini-games or chances to gamble, but that’s okay. With so many beautiful ladies available across the reels, you hardly need more motivation to keep spinning.

The Bottom Line

If you love women, riches, or the joy of a clever concept, Love U is here to bring your gambling pleasures to life.

Nerdy Nigel may not look so hot, but he’s onto something great with the Love U slot. This clever concept is fresh and fun, playing on the awkwardness and stress every young man feels in high school or college. A playful throwback to the halcyon days of youth, nothing is more fun than spinning the reels in pursuit of some sweet, strong love potion.

While the bonus opportunities aren’t anything to write home about, the clever use of multiple symbols per reel is exciting indeed. Multipliers of up to 10,000 is an industry high, making it possible to rake in some serious cash while trying to woo the girl of your dreams.

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