Jewels of India Slots Game

The Jewels of India at this High 5 Games designed slot all adorn the five central characters. Two of these are animals, as you’ll find a Bengal tiger wearing a diamond necklace and an elephant wearing a diamond encrusted headdress.

Alongside the animals you’ll find three beautiful ladies, one wearing a patterned blue Sari and a blue jeweled headdress, another in a pink sari wearing precious ear-rings while the final lady wears a more simple green dress, looking serene with jewels in her hair and sparkling ear-rings.

The game enjoys a split symbol format, where you might find two of the characters on a single symbol, these both counting towards the pay table, enabling the possibility of a 10 in a row win

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Jewels of India Gameplay

The design of the game is particularly eye catching, as you’ll find a very light grey, ornate backdrop, which gives the game an unusual, but very distinguished look. This color scheme also gives the game an easy, relaxed feel, where you can chill out a little when playing, much less busy than some slots you’ll find online today, which will certainly appeal to many players. The symbols do bring a nice splash of gentle color to the reels and you can’t help but be struck by the beautiful ladies on the reels and the impressively drawn animals.

The split symbol feature gives the game an added dimension, as you are no longer confined to hitting just five symbols in a row, which is why you’ll see the payouts for the five central characters ranging from just 3 in a row all the way through to the maximum 10. The lady in the blue sari is the highest paying split symbol, worth an impressive 2,500 coins when hitting the maximum 10, while the other four characters all pay 1,000 coins for landing 10. These symbols are joined by the playing card letters J, Q, K and A. These, not being split, offer between 100 and 200 coins when landing the maximum 5 in a row.

The highest paying symbol at the slot is the wild however, which will win you a generous 10,000 coins should you land the maximum 5 in a row. This symbol will also substitute for any other on the reels, giving you additional wins, even more impressive as when substituting for any of the 5 characters, this will actually represent a split symbol.

Jewels of India has an auto play option which allows you to set the slot running for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 spins without any interruption, while you’ll also find a replay option, which is a nice extra, especially when you do land that big win and want to revel in it.

As a default, this game has a total of 30 pay lines, although you do have the option of playing just 15, 9, 5 or even a single pay line. The minimum stake for real money players is just 1c and this goes all the way up to $10.

Jewel of India Bonus Feature

The final symbol at this High 5 Games slot is the pink water lily, which floats in front of the Taj Mahal. This is another split symbol at times but this only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. If you can land this a total of 5 times across the 3 reels (two split symbols and a single lily) you’ll win 5 free spins, while landing it 6 times (three split symbols) will win you 10 free spins. Should you see just four water lilies appear, you’ll have no free spins, but you will win 2x your total bet. The free spins take place on the same set of reels as the base game, the only real difference being that the scatter symbol no longer appears, making way for more winning symbols and therefore winning opportunities. The feature is very similar to the base game.

Jewel of India Conclusion

The Jewel of India is a slot that gives a very different casino experience that you might find elsewhere. The game offers a more serene take on slot gaming, where the bold colors and large features are replaced by a more relaxed experience, with a light background and more gentle pastel colors. That isn’t to say the game doesn’t stand out however – the split symbols certainly give this game a boost and ensure that each spin has a unique feel. Jewel of India is most definitely a slot in the ‘hit spin, sit back and enjoy’ category, the kind of game that the ‘auto play’ feature was designed for.

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