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There are 40 paylines—no coincidence that there are 40 types of peonies in the world. There are all kinds of nods to the lovely frilled flower throughout the game, from the colors to the four “peonies” (a nickname for girls in Asia). Women with the name Peony are said to have a deep desire to inspire others to a higher cause. Could this be your good omen in a game of chance and lucky?

High 5 Games is known for their quirky games with un-before seen features but we can honestly say that these flowers bestow some serious wealth on players. Maybe that’s the higher cause they inspire. The four ladies lend some serious eye candy to a somewhat calm and subdued game.

The timeless peony has been translated into the Golden Peony online slot gameslot, an enchanting place of intriguing features and major bonuses. Bets can be made between one cent and 10 dollars. Bet up to $400 per spin or $800 if you have the extra feature in play—something we didn’t get around to.

Golden Peony

Four little peonies

The four lady scatters wear aloof expressions on their faces but they turn up on the board more often than you may think, at least that was our experience. One wears a blue silk robe with a red peony; another wears green and clutches a red peony; another is in yellow and holds a pink peony; the last wears a black headdress with a big red peony on her crown. They all represent different coin values that sit above those of the A, J, K, Q, 9 and 5 symbols. It’s still a 5×4 reel but the symbols are larger and the images have nearly photo-real details.

All the pretty fans are wild and they pop up quite a bit actually to make for some exotic-looking (but nonetheless valuable) combinations. Fans substitute for every other symbol except for the glowing lantern and pay out an instant $1,500 when they land on a winning payline. With 40 paylines to play, you could play the base game alone and rack up a wealth of coins. Golden Peony is a darker game, aesthetically, but flower power prevails and the peonies spread some much-needed light in the shadowy corners.

Scatter bucks

Play all lines and the bonus bet to activate the scatter bucks feature. Payouts are based on how many scatters appear on the reels and in which reels they appear.

  • Reel 1 and 2 = between 25 and 100 credits
  • Reel 3 = between 25 and 2,000 credits
  • Reel 4 = between 25 and 1,000 credits
  • Reel five = between 25 and 10,000 credits

Fans of the Foxy Dynamite slot game will know this feature well and the fact that credits are added to the win balance at the end of each spin. Like the peony, this feature is perfect in it’s simplicity.

Free games

Win 7 free games when you land three scatter symbols, each on on reels two, three and four. That’s not a ton but you could earn up to 98 if the scatter symbols re-trigger the feature during free game mode. We didn’t quite get those 98 free games while playing Golden Peony slot but enough of those free game scatters pop up that the game is satisfyingly rewarding.

The bottom line

High 5 Games have outdone themselves with a game that is bold, beautiful and elegant. We could see it appealing to men and women, beginners and gaming veterans; anyone who needs a break from the flashing lights and intense sounds of other games will find respite in the land of the peonies.

We earned more than our fair amount of wild fans bonuses, plus a free game bonus, and even the scatter bucks feature, so we can attest to the game’s payouts. The beautiful graphics beg for repeat plays and the features promise to keep you flush with credits for longer than other games.

We recommend this game for anyone who is a fan of High 5 Games styling and features but who needs a break from their current favorite game. This one pays in both coins and relaxing respite. The dark screen is very easy on the eyes and the music is soothing without being sleepy. Remember, anything is possible in this whimsical world of precious peonies. Just keep an eye out for those fans and you should be having more good games than not on Golden Peony.

With free games galore, you can linger a little longer on a single bet. If we could classify the game, we’d say it’s a slow-burner because you can play for a while without getting bored or over-stimulated and the payouts work with you to create lasting sessions that don’t cost you a lot if you’re playing for real money.

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