The Enchantment Slot by High 5 Games

The Enchantment Slot transports you to a fantasy world which is seemingly ruled by a Sorceress and a Warlock. The Sorceress is particularly eye catching with her bright blue hair, while a glowing orb sits in the palm of her right hand, mists of magic emanating from the orb.

The Warlock wears a magical blue helmet whilst wielding a sword which reflects the sunlight, the rolling hills behind him. Joining them on the reels is an armored horse, which presumably helps the two key characters in combatting the fearsome red dragon which also makes an appearance. The slot is an interesting one due to the strange set-up of the reels, where the uneven numbers on each of the reels give this online slot a diamond shape.


The Enchantment Slot Gameplay

This High 5 Games design has five reels, although this is the only similarity to the majority of other slots. This is because firstly, you’ll find reels 1 and 5 only show three symbols, reels 2 and 4 show four symbols, while the middle reel shows 5. Secondly, you’ll find the all-ways winning system in place, where you’ll win when landing symbols on three or more consecutive reels, regardless of the actual position on these reels. Finally, this slot pays from both left to right and from right to left, which certainly doesn’t happen in most games.

The highest paying symbol is the title one showing the word ‘Enchantment’. Land this on all five reels and you’ll pocket a cool 1,000 coins. The Sorceress and the Warlock are next on the pay table and these pay 400 and 300 coins respectively, while the horse and the dragon pay 125 coins and 100 coins. A sapphire, a topaz and an amethyst are also found on the reels, these jewels a nice change from the more standard playing card symbols found on the majority of slots.

With the all-ways system in place, the wild becomes more valuable, as it can enable many more wins. The wild here, with the word ‘wild’ appropriately splashed across it, appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and will substitute for every other symbol apart from the scatter.

There are 720 ways to win when playing this fantasy themed slot, for which you’ll pay a total of 50 credits for each spin. The minimum stake for each of these credits is just 1c, while you can opt to play for as much as $10 per credit, making for a maximum total stake for a spin of $500. There are a number of handy options when playing. Firstly, you can make use of the auto play, where you can set the slot to play for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 spins. You’ll also find a ‘replay’ option, which can be clicked after any spin, although will prove most popular after a large win. Finally you’ll find a mute button which you can use to toggle the sound on off and an info button which you can use to display the pay tables and the game rules.

This slot certainly has a magical air. The title stands proudly above the reels, sat inside an electric blue temple, with rays of light piercing the air above. On the reels, you’ll find the symbols are all well designed and bring great character to the game, as well as a nice mix of color, where unlike some slots, this color not going over the top. The accompanying sound has a magical feel too and you’ll appreciate the added gong whenever a scatter appears on the reels.

Enchantment Slot Bonus Feature

The scatter is represented by the ‘bonus’ symbol and will activate the free spins bonus round when it appears on each of the five reels. You’ll gain 8 free spins  for every combination of the five symbols, so if you were to land the bonus symbol once on four reels, but three times on the fifth reel, you’d actually have 24 free spins (with a maximum of 240 free spins awarded in any visit to the feature). You’ll also gain an immediate 50 coin win for each combination of five bonus symbols.


Enchantment Slot Conclusion

The moment you enter this High 5 Games offering, you’ll know you’re playing at a slot with a difference. The all-ways winning system is always a good one, as you’ll not need to memorize the pay lines to fully follow your wins, while the diamond shape of the reels gives the game a unique feel. With the slot paying both ways, a win will never be too far away, while the game looks magical too – meaning this low variance slot will appeal to many players.

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