The Charleston Slot by High 5 Games

The Charleston is a dance that quickly became popular in the 1920’s after appearing in the Broadway Musical ‘Runnin’ Wild’, although the origins of the dance can be traced back to a couple of decades before, when it first appeared in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Charleston is a particularly up-tempo dance and is still popular today, this popularity possibly due to the prominence of TV shows such as ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, where celebrities perform numbers alongside their professional dance counterparts.

This dance themed online slot features two male and two female dancers on the reels, while the highlight of the game is certainly the free spins bonus feature, where you’ll find horizontally expanding wilds.


The Charleston Slot Gameplay

One of the first aspects of the slot that stands out is the oversized reels. There are six reels in fact, each of the reels showing four symbols, making for a slot that is much larger than the usual 5×3 configuration found in many games. With this set-up you would expect more pay lines than usual, but you certainly wouldn’t expect to see as many as the 466 pay lines there actually are at the Charleston slot. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay a credit for each of these lines, as the total cost of a spin is just 90 credits, with the cost of each credit ranging from just 1c through to $10. If 90 credits still feels a little hefty, you can play 300 lines for 60 credits, 200 lines for 40 credits, 100 lines for 20 credits or 5 lines for just a single credit.

There are two particular options that stand out. Firstly, you’ll find a ‘replay’ button, which you can use to view any spin again, a nice option when you hit that big winning spin. Secondly, the auto play allows you to set the slot running for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 spins as you sit back and enjoy the show!

The game is set against the backdrop of a purple curtain, while the symbols are backed by a similar purple, this time patterned. The two male and two female dancers are all attired in 1920’s dress. Both the men wear bowties, but this is the only similarity as one is dressed in a black suit, the other looking dashing, all in white, a white scarf underlining the outfit. The two ladies are dressed very differently too, one wearing a silver headband in her blonde hair with pearls draped around her neck, while the other has a tight fitting 1920’s style hat, while feathers are everywhere!

Wins come along when you can land three or more consecutive symbols in a row from left to right on a pay line. The four characters are the highest paying standard symbols at the slot, paying between 400 and 250 coins for the maximum six in a row (the blonde lady with the headband the highest paying of all). Joining the dancers on the reels are the playing card letters and numbers 10, J, Q, K and A.

On reel one of this High 5 Games designed slot you’ll find the Jackpot symbol, while you’ll find the title symbol on reels 2 to 6, this title symbol acting as the wild. Lining up the Jackpot and the wild symbols will win you a prize, with the top award of the entire slot of 1,000 coins coming your way when hitting the combination six times in a row. The wild symbol will substitute for any other on the reels apart from the scatter, enabling a great amount of additional wins.

The Charleston Slot Bonus Feature

The free games symbol appears on reels 3, 4 and 5 and should it land on all three, you’ll enter the free games feature. You’ll be randomly awarded between 5 and 7 free spins (if playing just 5 lines this number will be between 2 and 7). During the feature, the free games symbols are replaced by ‘wild’ symbols, meaning there are two sets of wilds. These new wilds act differently however, as when they appear they will expand horizontally to the left, filling every symbol with the wild up to and including reel two. If appearing on reel 5, you’ll be guaranteed a 5 in a row win, as the symbol on reel one will therefore have four wilds lined up alongside it.


The Charleston Slot Conclusion

When the Charleston first came along, it was something of a revolutionary dance, the high tempo much different from the traditional dances of the day. This online slot game has a similar unique air, with oversized reels, many more ways to win than you’ll normally find and a free spins feature where the wilds expand in an unexpected way. This all makes for a highly entertaining game, so get you dancing shoes on and give it a spin!

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