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Nothing shines in the eyes of treasure hunters and fashionistas than gleaming gems, and thanks to Everi and their Wild Wild Gems slot machine, we can add avid gaming enthusiast to that list. Played across 3-reels and nine fun-packed rows, Wild Wild Gems is evocative of old style Vegas slot play. It is all about accessorizing, and if you want to accessorize your gems with even more gems, Everi has developed the perfect slot machine game for you. Join the fans of Wild Wild Gems and see what everybody is talking about, and see if you can’t get your share of the sparkling gems available on Everi’s latest hit slot game.

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Gathering Your Gems: Playing Wild Wild Gems

As might be expected from the title alone, you can expect a great deal of gems and a number of them will be wild. To begin however, let’s look at the basic mechanics of the game along with a brief overview of game play.

As mentioned, this Everi offering presents an Old School Las Vegas feel, and that comes from the classic BAR and 7 symbols that lit up Sin City Strip casinos for decades. When playing however, keep your eyes open for Ruby and Sapphire Wilds that can easily boost your winnings as well as the 10,000 credit jackpot if you place your bet right. Payouts include:

  • Line of bars pays five coins
  • Line of single bars pays 10 coins
  • Line of double bars pays 20 coins

Even better, when the 7s begin to arrive, players can expect good payouts:

  • Line of Lucky 7s earns 20 coins
  • Line of Black 7s earns 40 coins
  • Line of Double White 7s earns 60 coins
  • Line of Treble Red 7s earns 100 coins

Everi’s long years of combined designer talent has led to the creation of a truly exciting slot game with the potential for big money pay outs.

Everi Offers a Classic Look at 3 Reel Slots

Graphics and bonus rounds aside however, Everi’s foray into slot development came as a marriage of two existing companies, Global Cash Access and Multimedia Games Inc., two long time players in the gaming industry, to re-launch as Everi in 2015. The only thing missing from the two individual companies was the team to create their own games. With the creation of Everi, that team is in place and Wild Wild Gems is the result.

Offering a myriad of betting options ranging from a quarter to a five dollar bill, there is a bet size for every gambler. Reading left to right; the goal is to acquire adjacent matching symbols in winning combinations. A big win is signaled by the appearance of a hail of golden coins that materialize on the screen before disappearing amidst a huge payout.

Playing the Bonus Rounds on Wild Wild Gems

As with all slot machines, the fun is in the bonus rounds, and there are two combinations to look for when playing Wild Wild Gem by Everi. As mentioned earlier, rubies and sapphires are both wild and substitute for standard BAR and 7 symbols throughout the game.

  • Row of Wild Sapphires earns 1,000 coins
  • One 2X Rubies pays 2X winnings
  • Two 2X Rubies pays 4X winnings
  • Three 2X Rubies awards 10,000 jackpot

Of the last, the 10,000 jackpot is awarded only when the three 2X Rubies appear on the 9th-payline when played with the maximum credit.

Everi Develops a Winning Combination

For newbies to slot game playing to seasoned pros looking for exciting action, Everi has developed a winning combination with its Wild Wild Gem game. Sit down and play and you will see what everybody is talking about when it comes to great slot action.

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