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The mysterious sub-continent of India has held sway over the imagination and ambitions of adventurers and conquerors for millennia and beyond. Indeed, as an example of its importance, it was once known as the brightest shining jewel in the British Imperial Crown when that empire not only controlled that area, but also stretched across 75% of the Earth’s entire landmass.

In addition to being a suitable topic around the centres of power throughout the 17th- 19th century, it has also became a topic of consideration around the design table of Everi Gaming. The Royal Elephant slot game  borrows heavily from Indian cultural themes of a Mogul Empire that long predated European encroachment. Everi’s Royal Elephants slot machine is a great way to enjoy the mysterious subcontinent of India while vying for vast riches and rewards from this five reel and 40-payline slot machine.

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How Do You Play Royal Elephants?

The Royal Elephant slot machine pays from left to right across five reels and 40-paylines of the game. A myriad of symbols, ranging from the standard low value tiles—9, 10, J, Q, K. Ace to the majestic Royal Elephants themselves that open the door to even more riches in the bonus and free spin realm. Players should look out for the following symbols:

  • 9
  • 10
  • J
  • Q
  • K
  • Ace

In addition to these tradition slot machine graphics, players have the following available tiles to match in winning combinations:

  • Prince
  • Princes
  • Taj Mahal Temple

Wild, free spins, scatter, and bonus rounds are all available and will be looked at below. Playing Royal Elephants slot game by Everi is an excellent way to enjoy a night out on the town.

Everi Explores the Exotic World of India

Everi’s move into slot development came as a marriage of two existing companies, Global Cash Access and Multimedia Games Inc., two long time players in the gaming industry, to re-launch as Everi in 2015.

Offering a myriad of betting options ranging from a penny to a dollar bill, there is a bet size for every gambler looking to explore the beauty of India, or score the game’s top prize of $240,000. Reading left to right; the goal is to acquire adjacent matching symbols in winning combinations. You will not fail to feel impressed when confronted with the double stacked elephants utilizing 3D graphics.

Everi entrée into the gaming software development world is guaranteed to be a soft landing as long as they continue to offer quality game experiences like Royal Elephant.

Wilds, Free Spins, Festivals, and More

Whilst playing Everi’s Royal Elephant, keep an eye open for the appearance of wild cards that signal the chance to substitute for any other tile to complete winning combinations.

When you land three bonus symbols on Reels 1, 3, and 5 it affords you eight free spins that have a chance to garner up to 2X more in winnings than in the standard round. Additionally, the festival multipliers afford the opportunity to really score big with a range of 2X and 100X times for each assembled winning combination.

Festival multipliers give you the chance to win big when you land one of these specialty tiles anywhere on the game board. Ranging from 2X the winning payout to 100X what you expected to win, the festival multipliers are a reason players cheer when they see their arrival on the screen.

Our Conclusion

Everi has come up with a solid hit with their Royal Elephant game. Join the crowds queuing up for the chance at winning the casino’s next hottest slot gaming experience.

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