Invasion 2 the Return Slots Machine

This is an upgrade to the original B-movie themed Invasion slot by Everi Gaming. You’ll find the core of the game remains the same, while some excellent extras have been added.

The highlight is the unlimited free spins bonus. This can go on for up to 150 spins if you pick the disguised aliens from cloned townspeople.

There is also a separate game where you will pick from a huge screen of space ships. This is a lively, colorful and entertaining slot – which makes great use of the tall cabinet to bring the 1950’s b-movie theme to life.

How to Win on the Invasion Slot

The regular 5 by 4 grid is used for this game, with 50 win lines from the left hand side. Symbols are cartoon like and simple, and include all the b-movie classics. You’ll find an alien (that manages to look somehow sinister, despite being a simple cartoon), ray gun, planet with moons and old style TV set. There are also a lot of playing card symbols on the reels. Wilds (logo symbols which say ‘wild’ in pink when involved in a win) will substitute for all the regular symbols. Wilds can appear stacked on the reels, even taking up an entire reel at times – which can trigger wins over several win-lines at the same time.

At random times on the reels you will see a robot which comes in and adds multipliers to your wins by ‘zapping’ the meter which displays the win amount. If you get this after one of the bigger wins (for example the aliens) then this can make a significant difference.

UFO Zapping Bonus Game

You’ll get the chance to stop an alien invasion (or at least win some money!) in a second screen bonus round. You will see a huge number of classic cartoon flying saucers. Your job is to blow them up by tapping them. Each one will reveal either a win amount in credits, a multiplier for your total wins or additional picks (you start with 5 picks). This is an entertaining bonus game, though essentially a random picks bonus – with an extended run and some good multipliers it is possible to rack up some nice wins though.

Beaming Up a Free Spins Bonus Game

There are several unique aspects of the free spins bonus game. First the sound and visuals on the upper cabinet are very dramatic. There are people running away from classic UFOs with their light beams – accompanied by screaming!

The second unique aspect is that this bonus can go on for a long time. There is no set number of free spins (if you get more of the triggering symbols, you’ll get a better credit prize up to 50x your total bet for 5). You keep spinning until you get 3 of the ‘zap the alien’ symbols in reels 1, 3 and 5. At this point you see 2 identical characters appear in front of the reels. These are different each time, and can be a 1950’s housewife, a milkman, policeman and so on. One of them is a real person, and the other is an alien. You tap one, which will zap it. If you kill the alien, then you continue with the free spins bonus game. If you kill the towns-person, then that is the end of your free spins game this time. If you choose correctly, you can enjoy up to 150 free spins each time.

Design and Setup of the Invasion Slot

I like the design of this game, it manages to be colorful and entertaining at the same time. The simple design of many of the symbols contrasts with the much more detailed graphics on the upper part of the tall screen – particularly the UFO scene during the free spins game. There are small animations on the reels, with the zap to multiply any wins always a welcome one.

Sounds are mostly entertaining, though the alarm + screaming in the free spins round can be annoying. The fact that you’ll be earning plenty of credits while this is going on does make up for it a lot. Everi use the standard 50-line setup for this slot, with 300 credits set as the maximum bet.

Overall Experience

This slot is bound to have fans, the theme is really well done and there is enough action to keep you entertained without ever straying into the ‘too fancy’ category. The free spins game is the highlight; this could last up to 150 spins each time if you get lucky with your ‘zap the alien’ picks.

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