High Voltage Power Surge Slots Machine

The name might sound like a warning label on an electrical device, though the question is whether this 5-reel live casino slot from Everi Gaming can live up to its energetic-sounding name?

On first view this is a simple slot, most of the symbols are playing cards (albeit with a unique design), with stacked historical electrical equipment the bigger paying symbols.

All the action takes place on the reels, with randomly awarded respins the big attraction. You can get up to 7 of these after any spin. There is also a progressive jackpot, which is also awarded at random.

How to Win on the High Voltage Power Surge Slot

Your biggest wins will come from the colorful electrical equipment symbols. These are stacked 4 rows high on the reels (the grid is 5 reels and 4 rows with 50 win-lines). You’ll sometimes see just the top or bottom of these designs. When you get the full view, they do look impressive. If you combine these with the (also stacked) wild symbols it is possible to win on all 50 of the win-lines at the same time on a favorable spin.

Playing card symbols make up the bulk of your wins, these are colorful (even a little retro) designs over what looks like a metal plate.

On the whole this is a solid slot without too many gimmicks. The one real feature this game does have is nicely choreographed. You’ll win as usual, see your win total added to the usual box below the reels and then after a pause of just a split second – the screen will buzz, shale and you see a red color with the word ‘Respins’ across the screen.

This is the random respins on-reel feature. It can appear after any winning spin. This is not just a one and done, you can get up to 7 respins in a row, each of them having the chance of adding extra wins to your total. The base game remains the same for these – with no extra wilds or stacked symbols (though these are already numerous on the reels).

Randomly Awarded Progressive Jackpots

There are two jackpots associated with this game. These are displayed in the top part of the cabinet, one is large and the other relatively small. They are jackpots for the individual machine, rather than linked or networked ones.

You can win these completely at random (much like the respins!). You’ll complete a spin and see a box appear along with a ringing alarm, announcing one or both jackpots have been one. There is no alternative way via the game play of triggering these jackpots.

Design and Setup

This game has a real mix when it comes to the design elements. In some ways it looks a little dated, with simple and retro-computing style playing card symbols especially giving this impression. At the same time the antique electrical equipment is very detailed, with the green machinery, purple orb on an elaborate stand and an orange / brown contraption particularly standing out. The lightning type flashes that move over the reels after a spin are also very effective.

There is an upbeat dance type tune playing while you spin, and some good sound effects for the electricity part too. Things really do come to life when you trigger the respin feature, though the main game is fairly quiet (at least until you see the coin fountain for your big wins).

Everi slots often use the 50 win-lines over a 5 by 4 grid setup – and High Voltage Power Surge is no exception. You can play from 50 coins through to a max of 250 coins, the biggest win from a single spin is listed as a huge 375,000 coins.

Overall Experience

This game will appeal to those who enjoy solid slots without too many gimmicks or interruptions. All the action takes place right on the reels, with the respins the main attraction. Big wins are possible, either for lining up the stacked electricity symbols – or getting lucky and hitting one of the randomly triggered progressive jackpots.

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