Haunted House Slot from Everi Gaming

Some elements of this 5-reel live casino slot from Everi feel a little dated, while others are dynamic and feel very much up to date.

The haunted house in question is the characteristic Victorian era mansion – which you get to step inside of during on the bonus games.

There is also an on-reel bonus, where you get to open a shutter for an instant prize – plus you can have your wins randomly multiplied at any time.

How to Win on Haunted House

The LED-type screen underneath this slot seems to take longer than normal to count up your wins – though I am sure you will not mind if it is bringing you a big total. There are 30 lines and a 5 reel, 3 row grid of symbols to line up on Haunted House.

You might expect ghosts and ghouls from the title, though the symbols are made up of windows, door knockers and other fixtures and fittings from the haunted house. The best paying symbols are mirrors, clicks and the lion designed metal hoop door knocker. There are no playing card symbols on this game, instead there are windows which different colors around them.

There are two special symbols on the reels, logos and shutters – each have a role to play in different bonus games.

Haunted House On-Reel Features

Any win can be boosted by a ghostly mystery multiplier. These are an important factor, giving an unexpected random element to the game-play. You’ll spin as normal, and see a glow around a winning combination. The last symbol on that win-line will then show a multiplier, which is applied to the entire line win. This is usually between 2x and 5x, though up to 10x is possible.

The other on-reel feature is a pick game. There are 3 scattered shutter symbols. When you land all 3 you will be invited to tap one of them to select it. You either win a prize in coins, or you could find a symbol which takes you to the break out bonus game.

Entering the Haunted House – Bonus Game

You can trigger this bonus game by hitting 3 or more of the logo symbols anywhere on the reels – or by picking this feature in the shutter game.

Things get animated, and you’ll see a sequence where you are taken towards the haunted house, before finding yourself inside. There are a lot of different objects in the room, ranging from a fireplace, to a lamp to a picture on the wall. You get 5 picks, and tap the blue dots next to each item to select it. Most of the items will give you a cash prize, what you really want is to find a skeleton key, which will let you advance to the next room.

Your picks go down for each room, though the prizes go up. There is a room where you will pick from portraits on the wall, then a kitchen (which looks very abandoned, except for the flames of the stove) and finally an attic view. It is possible to collect a lot of coins from this bonus game if you get a long way into the house.

There is no free slots game on Haunted House.

Design and Setup

The overall design of the reels, cabinet and controls give the impression that this is an earlier video slot game. Though once you get into the haunted house bonus the graphics and animations are very good. You’ll find that each object has its own animation, showing that a lot of work has gone into producing this game.

I am not convinced that the fixtures and fittings on the reels make for an attractive game – and wonder how many people even get to see the animations for the multipliers or shutter bonus round. There are some entertaining sound effects, again the house bonus game highlights these.

This is a 30-line slot (rather than the usual 50 that Everi uses), and a 5×3 grid. Your minimum spin amount is 30c, with a maximum of 300 credits per spin.

Overall Experience

This is a solid enough game, and entertaining for a short session. The mix of an uninspiring look to the base game and lack of too many interesting features make this unlikely to become a long term favorite for me. Having said that it is worth checking out the main bonus game, where the animated objects are entertaining. If you get to the final room, this bonus game can result in some reasonably big wins too.

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